Have I finally found my twin?!

Au Pairing in Paris


I’m happy to take a comparison to Rihanna any day but unluckily I rarely hear that and usually hear ‘hello lady gaga’ – yeah I don’t know why either. 

Over the weekend the metro stations seem to have been plastered with posters for ‘En route!’ (French title for Home) the new Dreamworks release. A few people have commented that I look similar to Rihanna’s character ‘Tip’. The skin colour and hair are where the similarities end as she has green eyes, no birthmark and is a cartoon character… 

But it’s nice to have a new twinny, especially as part of the movie is set in Paris. Woo France represent. 




Packed – Xmas 2014



Tomorrow I can officially start my Christmas/New years holiday!
I can’t believe I can fit all my stuff for 12 days in a rucksack and small handbag. Let’s see how long I can go before succumbing to H&M and buying new stuff because I have nothing to wear.

First stop is Vienna, Austria for 5 days to see family 🙂 (the real challenge is trying to switch from attempting to speak French to German, waaa. Viel Gluck Maz)



TBT – Zambezi Cruisin’

Africa, TBT

I have hundreds of photos and videos on my laptop that have never been uploaded to social media or my blog and I’d hate for them to be wasted on my eyes only sooooo I’ve decided to do a little TBT feature here to reminisce on the good old days (mostly in the past couple of years but you get the picture).


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 00.56.06

in case you’re really not with the times maaate.

So this weeks TBT is from April 2013 – Charlie, mum and I were on an evening river cruise on the Zambezi River. We watched the sun set and it was one of the most perfect evenings of my life. Big up Zambia and Zimbabwe for the crazy few days we had. I love this photo; the colours of the sky hardly look real.

If you ever go to Victoria Falls you have to do a river cruise! Fab times.




Child’s play

Au Pairing in Paris



A sofa is a fort, a puddle is an ocean, a blanket is a cloud and your legs are a climbing frame. One of the biggest parts of my job is to play; learn to let go and have fun with the kids. Bring on another week of using my imagination and being a kid again.

Mary x

Sun, sea, sand, scarf


Sun, sea, sand, scarf

This photo is totally vain but I have to admit that I quite like it. I’ve been teaching Callum how to use my camera and a quick beach stop before meeting friends turned into a photo shoot with my scarf. I love how blue the sky is, it looks so warm but the sea is beyond freezing! I hate that winters slowly coming

Eden on the Bay Beach – Cape Town


Eden on the Bay Beach - Cape Town

Callum took me to this beach for the afternoon, it was so quiet and the few people that were there were either jogging or walking their dogs. We sat a pub to get a quick drink and watched the sunset.