Lost in Liverpool


alright laa?

After dropping off my dog with a family friend for a months holiday (are we the only family which do this…?) I chose to treat my boyfriend J to an evening in Liverpool for his valentines present, it was also just an excuse for me to go back to a city which I like a lot.

We had a fab day and a half and spent most of the time laughing at our awful jokes and lack of control when it comes to eating out.

I booked us into Bridewell Hotel – a prison converted into a short stay hotel. How cool?! a PRISON! We didn’t plan anything, just went wandering around nipping in and out of shops and taking photos at the dock.

Of course, no trip with me is complete without a hint of drama and that came in the form of a smashed car window. We checked out of the Bridewell at 11ish on Thursday, strolled back to the NCP multi-story car park (which the hotel recommended) to find my car had been broken into. What’s more, nothing had actually been taken. The staff at the car park told us they’d seen the damage to my car (and 3 others parked next to us!) at about 1:30 in the morning. CCTV suggested it was a drug addicted just desperate to grab some coins. We keep our coins for car parks in the bottle holder behind the handbrake and he’d obviously seen the ones in the little compartment at the front. Those coins were actually euros so he’d taken a grand total of €2 🙄🙄🙄

The guys at the car park kindly vacuumed out the car and we had the fun job of phoning our insurance providers and being passed back and forth between them and Autoglass. We were told they couldn’t replace the glass until Monday so we’d either have to be recovered or find a way to fix up the window just enough to get the car home. Luckily J found a windscreen place 5 mins away who taped it up for us for free. We parked back at the car park and spent a few more hours enjoying Liverpool.

In true Mary and J fashion, we went for pizza (J had black dough cos why the hell not) and to a few vintage shops. I like to buy a moonstone ring every time I go for a trip away; this time I was feeling the opalite jewellery more than the moonstone so bought a gorgeous little silver ring with a tear drop stone.

The drive back was windy, loud and cold but we put on some emotional R&B and sang away our troubles. Looking forward to our next adventure, maybe we’ll just take the train next time..

Enjoy the pics!

Maz x

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10 things I learnt at my first time at Glastonbury

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in bed, 6 am Monday morning. We left Glasto a few hours ago and I start work at 9. power through mary, power through.

My first time at Glastonbury was a beautiful one. I won’t get gushy but it’s hard to describe the magic of such a huge and diverse festival. Here a few things I learnt over the past 5 and a half days from the UKs biggest festival.

  1. Simply arriving on site is a bit of a mission. – we were doing fine until about a mile away where we hit queues at standstill for hours and hours. Some came from Bristol and what should have been a 45 minute journey became a 16 hour one.
  2. Mud. Mud is evil. – the heavy rains prior to the week had caused the worst mud Glastonbury had ever seen. It caused traffic problems, it made it take FOREVER to walk between the stages and it was in for embarrassing you when you took a fall.
  3. glastonbury is really big. – Yep, everyone will tell you how huge it is but it’s not until you’ve seen it from the top of the hill that you can see how massive it is. It’s not that the stalls or stages are particularly massive but there’s so many of them. Each area is like its own mini festival.
  4. its impossible to see it all. – I missed out on the greenpeace slide and didn’t get a picture by the sign but when it takes a few hours to walk to these places, you just don’t have time to do it all.
  5. but that’s ok. – you don’t need to be super organised and strict with your schedule because you’re on holiday in your weird bubble of jam packed chill
  6. hippies are cool. – I used to think hippies and rockers and everyone in between we’re so extreme and hardcore and separate from my own life. But after going to a few festivals this summer I’ve realised that people who identify with these extreme stereotypes (or just look like they do) are normal and nice and not so different to myself.
  7. performers and organisers are great at paying tribute to people we’ve lost. – we marched and sang for Jo Cox, there were secret tribute parties for Bowie, dance nights for Prince and Coldplay allowed Viola Beach to play on the pyramid stage.
  8. days are great but the nights are better than expected. – silent discos, cheesy pop, trance in a colourful tent outside, giant sculptures with bars in, interactive installations and art work which surrounded clubs. It was all going on.
  9. campaigning is a great way to experience it. – I was lucky enough to go to Glastonbury with Oxfam to campaign for our new effort to support the refugee crisis, Stand as One. Free ticket, showers, meal vouchers, meeting awesome people, getting to know more people from work, engaging with festival goers and other charity workers were just a few reasons why I’m glad I went as a campaigner. ALSO, we walked for miles and miles each day so saw most of the site before it was so busy.
  10. British musicians are just amazing. – I could talk alllll day about how great some acts were but I’ll try not to bore you. Watch the BBC coverage and make you own mind up but personally, I was impressed by Jess glynne, Coldplay, Disclosure, Bastille, Adele and Laura Mvula. Coldplay know how to put on a good show, we didn’t want to leave at the end of the night 😦

BASICALLY. I had a wicked time in the mud and rain. Surrounded by friends, yummy veggie food, amazing music and a good vibe. Everyone should experience Glastonbury at least once in their life. Allllll the fun.image

Mary X


p.s. Shoutout to Monish and Samantha for organising everything for the campaign team. I’m not sure how you were still awake by Sunday evening but 10 points to you, woo. And new people I met, you’re all pretty cool. 5 gold stars for y’all.