Major FOMO – 7th October 2014


Surfers on Table View beach.

Surfers on Table View beach.

FOMO – fear of missing out.

I hate to say it but right now I have the worst case of FOMO. Or just plain travel envy. Everyone seems to be having a wicked time in either Cape Town or Namibia or wherever else in the world and I’m just feeling so sorry for myself and thinking how much my life sucks. Here, in Paris. Oh wait, it relly doesn’t suck. It only sucks because I focus on other people’s exciting plans when I’m feeling a bit crap after a long day of chasing 3 year olds and ironing desgner clothes that I’d never be able to afford and trying to run errands in the pouring rain. All the while it seems like the rest of the world is having a fabulous time in exotic locations eating amazing foods and having the best social life – I full on blame social media. It’s been said a million trillion times but you do only see the best 1% of peoples lives on social media; it’s very rarely a true reflection of their actual lives. So why am I still feeling down about missing out? I think part of it is because of the way I left Cape Town back in June. I never got to say goodbye to very close friends and places that I’d fallen in love with and maybe I just want to be there to get closure. Or maybe I wanna jam on the beach in 40°C weather and go to reggae concerts and drink Savannas in Langa…

So to get over my FOMO I’m trying to plan summer 2015. I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow but I’m making actual plans for July onwards, lol my weird ways of thinking eh.

I will be TEFL qualified so hoping to start a new job in September (fingers crossed for the perfect job in Rio De Janeiro) but want to fill my summer with some memories from Africa if I can. Or should I just forget Africa for a while and go some place new? Or heaven forbid, do I go to England for the summer?!!?

Feel free to help me figure out my life. Or should I just chill out about future plans and enjoy my time in Paris..? Yeah I should probs do that.

My bad. Ignore my ramblings.



Pros to Traveling Solo


This is a bit of a different post today; I’m going to be writing about my experiences traveling or living oversees alone. Part 1!

Cape Town 2014, Sea Point

Cape Town 2014, Sea Point

My first ‘travel experience’ (not family holidays or trips around the UK) was to Namibia and I was partnered up with a complete stranger, Fran, by charity Project Trust. Luckily for us we got on so well and I could not imagine a better travel buddy and friend for our year in Otjikondo. In Cape Town I knew Callum, some people at Penthouse and no one else and I pretty much didn’t know anyone when I arrived in Paris a week and a half ago.

 There’s a million reasons why it’s great to go traveling or live abroad with a buddy or a few friends but it’s not always possible and I’m sure I can convince you that going it alone can be just as fantastic.

Pros to traveling alone

Freedom! – to do what you want, when you want. Fancy getting pizza at 3am in your pyjamas? Go for it!

Money issues – there’s never the awkward moment of really wanting to do an activity or go to an event but your travel partner doesn’t have the funds. Go alone and have a wicked time without the guilt.

Accommodation – you’re more likely to find 1 bed available in a hostel thats nearly fully booked than 2. 

Safety in numbers – believe it or not, thousands have done it before you, thousands are doing it now. Probably in the places you want to go. You’re not alone; get out and meet people in the same position as you and swap stories and memories. 

Get out of your comfort zone – do things that scare you; whether that’s forcing yourself to meet people or going to something alone.

Go on a date with a hot local – if you fall in love then stay a bit longer than planned, why not?

Embarrassment free – there’s no one to remind you of that time you (insert horrendous drunken story here)… Once you humiliate yourself enough in front of one group of travellers, move on to the next bunch.

Spontaneity – Pick a place, go. No waiting around, no arguments over where to go. Don’t like a place? Move on. Fall in love with a city? Stay.

‘Find yourself’ – LOL

You’ll come out of it a thousand times more confident, open minded and eager to explore. Plus you’ll have probably made more friends than if you’d gone with someone you knew.  

If you’re at all worried about taking that first step to travelling alone, talk to people who’ve done it and take their advice. Be safe. Enjoy it 😀

Mary x