Scammers in Paris

Au Pairing in Paris

Going to Paris soon? Weekend away, week long chill or moving there as an Au Pair? Whatever your reasons for going to the ‘City of love’ (lol don’t believe the hype, no one will propose to you under the Eiffel Tower, sorry) you should know about the dangers. Don’t get mugged, don’t give money to a woman offering you a gold ring she magically just found by your feet and please don’t go near women shoving a clipboard in your face asking if you speak English! Read more about gold ring women here. – They seem to be more popular in the summer months but clipboard gals are about all year round. 


They approach you looking super sad with puppy dog eyes holding a cheap clipboard or even just a piece of cardboard with some paper on the top saying ‘help for the blind/deaf/needy’ etc on it. They’ll wave a pen in your face and ask you over and over if you can speak english. If you show any interest at all they’ll push themselves up against you, reach in your pocket or bag and take whatever they can. I’ve seen them actually reach into someones pocket and pick up this lady’s phone without her realising. I rushed over, pretty much slapped the woman’s hand away and told them to F off (putain!). While the person nearly being mugged didn’t even notice what was going on.

So basically, keep away from ’em. They hang around all the popular tourist spots and are ready to take your stuff.