LDN & journey to Murcia


Shopping in St Albans with Sheri, G and Aunty Doreen was well deserved; I hadn’t rummaged through TK Maxx in way too long. It rained, we went home and Sheri and I ended up going to see 50 Shades of Grey at the campus along with lots of 30 something women who’d obviously left their husbands at home to come and giggle at this ridiculous film. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but I’ll tell you that we just laughed the whole way through. It was a major cringe fest. Rita Ora’s (non-existent) part was definitely a highlight for us…

On Tuesday we went into London to be tourists for the day (I honestly feel like a tourist in London now because i’ve forgotten where everything is. oops). We went to Shoreditch, Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and then back home from Kings Cross. Vapiano’s for lunch; the best salmon carbonara evaaaa.

Wednesday morning I was woken up at 3am by G and mum being angry at me for some reason. They dropped me off at Stanstead and I made my way through security. Stanstead is a miserable airport and my hour and a bit of waiting felt like forever. Plus point though, my plastic bag of liquids was used as an example to show the rest of the line (LOL thanks G). Then I was fully patted down at security and had to stand in a 360 scanner because my dungarees had multiple metal buttons and I probably looked a bit dodge because I had so many layers on.

Flying with Ryanair wasn’t the most luxury experience but I landed in Alicante and got a 5 euro coach to Murcia where my friend Kloe from Paris is living. I’m a bit rubbish at knowing where I am and it took me a few hours to realise I was in Spain and not France. It’s sunny (compared to London or Paris) and so nice to be in a new place again.

I have lots of photos to add to this post but I’m on my phone and it won’t let me, cry cry

Mary x