Fashion Frenzy – 31st May 2014



I’ve just returned from a truly fantastic evening of mingling with such talented designers, singers, dancers, models, rappers, photographers and general fashionistas at the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town. The night was jam packed with creativity and there’s so much to report on that I’m actually going to save it for a separate blog post. I have heaps of photos and info on how to find the designers work so watch out for that all in the next day or two!

I want to thank the host Mampho Smouse for putting on a great night; it really introduced me to young creatives in the area and I can’t wait for the next show! So like I said, I will upload all the content within the next few days. I’m off to Namibia tomorrow morning so I’ll write a real review of the evening as soon as I can find a decent wifi spot 😉

Stay tuned 😀

Mary x