I’m totally over Social Braggers


Hold tight kiddos, things are about to get deep.

Well, not too deep. Just deep for this blog.

Let me take a break from updating y’all on my travels and general au pairing life in Paris and let me get a few things off my chest.

Firstly, I’m partial to a lil over sharing on social media and will hold my hands up and admit to at times being a social media bragger. Secondly, I like to think that I do good things in my normal day to day life and try to go the extra mile to help people or do a good deed at times. Thirdly, I’ve recently seen a massive rise in charitable gloaters on all forms of social media (well, the social media I’m on; Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, occasionally tumblr) and I don’t get it. It really annoys and worries me.

IMG_3044Scrolling away I can quickly spot an example of a SMB (social media bragger. yeah it’s an actual term).

‘Passed a homeless man on my way to work. Stopped to buy him a bread roll, his face lit up and he said I was a beautiful human being!’ – 27 likes and 5 congratulatory comments.

‘Today I decided no kid should be unhappy at Christmas. I’ve bought all the barbies at the store for the children’s centre’ – 103 favourites and 59 retweets

-Photo of a tanned girl riding an elephant in a tropical destination- ‘OMG I looooove volunteering with animals. They need people like us to totally save them!’ – 10,678 likes and 288 new followers.

Sound familiar? From donating to a good cause to giving someone your unused parking ticket as a favour; every good deed seems to be one giant social show off and can’t possibly go undocumented. And whats the point? Obviously it feeds our egos and enhances our sense of achievement (not much harm there). But theres something a bit sick about it all in my opinion (when its taken too far); do certain people feel like an act of kindness is only worth doing if they have a photo to document it or an inspiring quote to go alongside it? When was the last time you did something just for the pure unselfishness of it? No possibility of attention, likes, followers or anything else to gain. Where does it end? Will we be reaching for our phones to film us giving money to the poor? Or only helping a neighbour out if there’s the opportunity to snapchat it.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this tip-of-the-iceburg post but it must be better to share thoughts on this and create a bit of a discussion instead of just turning my nose up at it, right? I think some argue that documenting their own acts of random kindness it inspires to do the same. I call bullsh*t.

I’d quite like to see a friend volunteering for a cause they feel passionately about, not just for instagrams sake. And hear of someone helping out a homeless man or woman because they genuinely want to help.

Have you noticed this weird trend on your social media accounts lately? Thoughts?

Mary, x

PDA in Paris

Au Pairing in Paris, Europe

Random choice of subject but I have something I have to get off my chest. PDA IN PARIS IS OUT OF HAND!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 00.30.20

I understand that Paris is ‘the city of love’ but my eyes have been subjected to a ridiculous amount of PDA over the past 5ish weeks. From couples kissing under the Eiffel Tower (totally fine) to adults sitting on top of each other on the metro showing us things that should be kept for the bedroom (not ok).

This weekend was the worst, PDA wise. I think as the weather gets colder people feel the need to snuggle more and think the rest of us want to see them kiss for the whole 25 minute metro journey. No we do not! I don’t think this comes from any bitterness; I’m all for being in love and being happy but don’t you think some things are for the privacy of your own home?!

So this is a message to anyone in Paris; if you see me quietly (but very obviously) cringing in the corner while you kiss and rub your faces up against each other then it’s because I find it really awkward and uncomfortable!

(Am I overreacting or has anyone else experienced weird PDA’s in Paris..?)


bisous (not in public…)