School wars & knee slides


On Saturday night my friend Chuck and I went ice skating in front of Hotel De Ville, it wasn’t really planned so I wasn’t in the best skating attire. It was disco night we had lots of cheesy french music and a few Abba and Bee Gees classic to skate to. I’m a bit rubbish at ice skating as it is but it had been raining during the day so the whole rink was like a giant puddle; I managed to stay upright the whole time (even the professionals were falling over. oh yeah, I’m a pro) until I lost my balance and kind of fell down on one knee. While it looked like I was about to propose, I was still speeding round pretty quickly. Somehow I totally styled it out and got up without being dragged through the giant puddle.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.11.14

Pizza and a walk through Paris on Monday night.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.15.07

Last night I went to see Exodus: Gods and Kings at the cinema. We were (fashionably) late so ended up sitting in the front row right in the centre. Christian Bale was practically jumping through the screen (it was 3D) and sitting on my lap we were so close. I loved the film but it was so ridiculously dramatic; dying horses, dying crocodiles, dying fish, dying frogs, dying people. But Moses was such a G.

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beard lad

Since last weeks terror dramas, the school the kids go to has upped their security. Meaning we can’t pick the kids up from their classroom, instead all the parents wait by one tiny doorway and push and scream until they get their kid. Maybe I’m just taking a British approach when thinking ‘WHY CAN’T WE MAKE A LINE?!’. But no, that would be too simple. It’s literally like battle of the prams and handbags mixed with parents trying to squeeze their 3 year old out through the crowd with as little panic as possible. That usually ends with lots of unnecessary pandemonium (always wanted an excuse to use that word.)


Crazy sky in Ansieres

In other news, I’ve booked a weekend home (14th – 17th February) and a few days in Spain! I’m a little bit excited for February holidays.

Aaaaand massive congratulations to my main girl (lol) Charlie who gave birth to a little boy, Alfie on Friday! Can’t wait to meet and squeeze him. Our family is growing yay

Mary x

Thank gaaawd it’s Friday – 3rd October 2014

Au Pairing in Paris

Sleeping babies are the best kind.

For the first day this week I’ve actually had a pretty good day.

The kids were almost angels all day, the weather was amazing, we sang and danced the whole way home, we made chocolate cornflake cakes, played football in the garden then watched crap on the Disney channel.

The kids dad came home a few hours early from work and made me and the kids pizza whist we watched the best movie ever; Space Jam! It was getting late and the kids parents had gone out for dinner so I was in charge of getting everybody ready for bed. The twins wanted to be carried upstairs and were too tired to even brush their teeth. They were so snuggly and P drifted off straight away but J kept crying every time I left the room; for the first time he was calling out my name instead of ‘Mamaaaa’. He just wanted me to stay in the room so I had to pretend to fall asleep before he could settle. I read F a long, illustrated book about London and we had a little chat before she fell asleep.

Aaaaand that was my day. This week has been crazy long and more dramatic than I’d hoped and I’ve hardly had time to socialise or do Paris-y stuff. The kids drive me crazy but when their eyes are slowly closing and the crying (& pooping) stops they are so cute and I could just eat them!




What I’m lovin’ about Paris

Au Pairing in Paris

Just a quick post about my fave things in Paris; my first fortnight has been so good and I can’t quite get my head around how much I’ve done alongside working and studying.

Feeling very french in my beret and moustache

Feeling very french in my beret and moustache

So here’s what I’m lovin’ about Paris (so far!)

– Because it’s a relatively small city it’s actually easier and quicker to get around than London.

– It’s perfectly fine to be drinking from a bottle of wine on the street in the middle of the day (I’m not an alcoholic, I promise)

– Baguettes! all day everyday

– Most people can speak English. Obviously I’m trying to learn French but it’s good to know English is there as a back up

– Street style

– You can always smell something delicious  when you walk down the street. Pizza, crepes, bread, cakes etc etc

– My travel is paid for so I use any excuse to get on the metro and explore

– It’s difficult to get bored of the sight of the Eiffel Tower

– Metro parties. Although terrifyingly dangerous, loads of fun

– Clothes shops are amazing

– Casual Sunday picnics with 1000 people

– Sephora. It’s like another world

– The kids I look after can be so sweet; an impromptu hug or giggle outweighs the tantrums

– The weather is fab fab fab at the moment

– French people have the best names

– I’ve met some of the loveliest people here already

– The little dogs…

Aaaaaand I think that’s all for now!

Mary x