Easter fun



Easter weekend seemed to go on forever because of South Africa’s endless public holidays. I enjoyed having time off work and everyone else is just generally chilled out and in a good mood. 

Good Friday was spent at a friends braai (BBQ, but better), I was asked to take some family photos which was awesome because I just got to mess around with the kids and their adorable puppy in between taking some cute photos of them. We ate loads of fish and more potato salad than should be allowed.


On Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny came! Leaving a trail of chocolate eggs all around the house and garden. I was totally overwhelmed by all the chocolate and spent much of the day slumped over feeling sorry myself after the huge sugar rush.


Another treat was that my parcel sent from home finally arrived! I’d waited for almost a month and DHL told us it would take 3 days!!!?! I now officially think DHL are poop but my parents are the best people ever! I got my drivers licence, my friends calendar, some clothes that I didn’t have room to pack, percy pigs, DVDs that I was really in the mood to watch and make up that I’d sadly left in the car on the way to the airport. So yeah, parents and sister are the best.



I finally managed to see my friend Harrison who sometimes works in Cape Town. Fran and I met him way back in 2012 on a trip to Swakopmund in Namibia, he’s an actor and stunt double so has the best stories. He treated me to a crazy dinner at La Mouette in Sea Point, I’d already eaten at Mama Afrika that evening with my friend Offir but then had to sit down to a six course meal. I don’t even eat much as it is but I had to find the strength to get through 6 courses excluding the bread before we even started! I won’t go until too much detail but the restaurant is so fancy and if you know me you’ll probably know that I don’t do fancy. Oh, and I’m super fussy with food. The night was traumatic to say the least but I was happy to see Harrison again 🙂



Anyway, these past few weeks have been very chilled but really busy at the same time. It’s been fun!

Mary x