Kenya photodiary – Twende town

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part 7.

Twende town – let’s go to town

I said twende (let’s go) a lot when I was in Kenya. Kenyan time is real. Everything is at snails pace, something I have to get used to every time I go to Africa. I’m very much a get up and go kinda gal. I don’t have the patience to sit around for hours doing nothing so throughout I was there trying to get people moving; let’s go, let’s do something!
Most lunch times we’d head to the market, just out of the town centre to eat at Connie’s place. Connie was a host mum/sister to Andrew C and Lucas during the cycle and was so lovely and sincere. She always made us feel welcome at the little restaurant she ran and her food was amazing. I became the kind of person who woke up in the morning already excited for a lunch of cabbage stew. Cabbage and beans!
Untitled Trainers for days. All around £2 a pair. Nike, Addidas, New Balance – the lot Untitled
A quiet day at the fruit market. Mountains of mangoes, massive avocados, fresh bananas, huge watermelons, pinapples, paw paw (papapya) and so much veg. Nothing compares to fresh fruit for about 20p a piece.
Untitled Untitled
Sofas were made on the street in front of you from scratch. Wooden slats cut from a tree trunk, assembled and then covered in different fabrics.
Our little family, minus Stanley.
The whole VSO team. UK and Kenyan volunteers plus team leaders

I wish I’d taken more photos in town as it was such a vibrant place on market days. It was filled with all sorts of characters (not that I’d ever photograph them, people really don’t like having their pic taken) but they kept us entertained. There was the crazy fiddle man, warlord looking dudes, Antony the pineapple man, beady Steve, fabric Tina and BOB MARLEY BOB MARLEY man who would slap us while we walked past.