Love Locks are gone, love is still a thing…

Au Pairing in Paris, Europe

Let me just have a moan about the ‘love lock bridge’ and share some of my favourite photos from the massive tourist attraction from when I visited and lived in Paris

‘No, that was the most romantic place in the city of love!’

‘They should just leave the locks there, they symbolise undying love’

‘Why bother visiting Paris now the bridge of eternal love is ruined?!’

Um, no one in Paris is actually that bothered about almost a million rusty padlocks being cut off the Pont des Arts – known to as tourists as ‘The Love Lock bridge’; a place to visit with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whoever and fix a padlock with your names or initials scrawled on. You then would throw your key into the river (because this love is totes locked forever and ever) and get an obligatory selfie to remember the life changing moment… Or it was just a cute touristy thing to do and maybe come back to visit in a few years to see if you could still find you lock (probably not).



I’m not a hater of the bridge or idea of it, I actually think it’s pretty cute and always an interesting bridge to walk across. You could people couple watch for hours if you could deal with the ‘can you possibly take our photo please?’ in a strong foreign accent every few minutes then you could have a fab afternoon in the area.


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 20.49.54

But some people need to get over the romance is dead! notion. The bridge was crippling under the weight of 45 tons of chunky metal locks and anyone who’s walked across it will know how old and unsafe it felt. Yes, the Frenchies could of made a cool sculpture using the locks and almost continued the tradition, just on a piece of solid ground that didn’t look like it was going to give way any second. But how romantic your trip to Paris is shouldn’t be determined by your chance to put a €5 lock on a bridge and pay another euro to borrow a sharpie.


Also, it’s not just now that they’ve decided to pull it all apart. They’ve been taking down sections for months, since October if I remember correctly. Some parts of the bridge were replaced with ugly boards of wood which obviously got covered in graffiti pretty quickly. So yeah rant over. Romance aint dead, go and do something more authentic in Paris. If putting a lock on a bridge was your only reason to visit the city then maybe it’s best you don’t go anway. The bridge would’ve fallen down at some point because science. Yes it’s an eyesore to see the naked bridge, go to Le Mur des je t’aime instead. It’s hardly tradition, it only started in 2008 lol. No Parisians ever went there anyway because it’s so not chic. The locals aren’t too fussed about it’s departure and you shouldn’t be either.



The weight of all that love was clearly just too much..

Mary x


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