Maz goes to Mallorca


This time last year I was visiting my sister, G, in France at the campsite/holiday home park where she was working; this year she’s upgraded to starring in a dance and variety show in Palma, Mallorca so I went to go and pay her a visit.




She’d told me how our friend Nev had booked a little last minute trip to see her and that we should surprise her – fab plan as I love a good surprise I do I doooo. The plan was to both go and pick Nev up from the airport the day after I arrived but G decided it was best I just went alone (we told Nev G would be there to meet her) just in case the flight was delayed as G had to go to work that evening. It’s a good thing she didn’t come because the flight was indeed delayed by over an hour. Nevs face was of pure confusion when I greeted her at arrivals. ‘huh what are you doing here? whaaaa?’



Before this mini holiday I hadn’t seen G since around valentines and I think I last saw Nev in January and I probably won’t see her until Christmas time as she’s off travelling when I’ll be in the UK, so it of course was lovely to see them both as well as meeting G’s room mates Lottie and Claire.


We all had a fab few days together but I’m guna let the photos do the talking. It was so good to have the three sisters / destiny’s child reunited for a short time 😀


Palma is so much more beautiful than you’d think and because it wasn’t peak summer season quite yet it wasn’t swarming with tourists.





Seeing G perform in the Son Amar show was an absolute highlight for me as I haven’t seen her in a show since early 2012! (bad sister). The whole production was so professional and had a great pace, we actually didn’t take many photos as we were too busy enjoying the show.There were songs from around Europe (did make us lol a little), a contortionist in a giant see through ball hanging above the audience, MJ dance numbers, lots of spinning in a German wheel, LED light dancing and an amazing quick change act. I also really enjoyed the Spanish dancers, especially the guys as they have stamina for days! And I honestly LOVE  a quick change act; how do they do it?! HOW?!






On my last evening Nev and I headed to Magaluf as it’s only a short bus journey from G’s and you know, why not (G was at work, we weren’t just ditching her dw). It was a mixed night and I think 1 night was definitely enough!




We got back at 7 am and after a few hours of sleep I got ready for my super quick flight back to mainland Spain and my house in Murcia. I had such a chilled few days and would love to go back again, you know, if I win the lottery because now I gotta save up for Kenya aye aye aye.



Mallorca was so beaut that I almost wish I was there for a bit longer but then I again I love Murcia too, and I’m sure I’ll get another opportunity to go in the future, fingers crossed G wants to get a job again there so I can visit again because I could get used to all the ice cream, beaches and pretty buildings.


n’awwww sisters ❤

Mary x

Hiking in Librilla

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I’m sure most erasmus students in Murcia have visited the tiny and deserted town of Librilla already but as always I’ve gotta be late to the party (plus I only arrived a month ago). But no ones bothered by the old town church or endless orange and lemon trees, everyone comes for the hike up the hills to see this amazing view of the lagoon. Then to go down to swim in the blue water.

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

Courtney, Nina and I got the 20 minute train to the town of Librilla yesterday; Courtney kept telling us empty this place was, but she was so wrong on this occasion. People filled the streets, cars beeped us out of the way and everyone and their daughter was out and about dressed in their best church wear. We headed towards the mountains, maybe getting a little bit lost on the way but we were pretty chilled. Eventually we reached the path that we knew was going where we wanted. We passed endless lemon trees; seriously Spain loves their lemons. I picked a few oranges from a tree and they were almost definitely the best oranges I’ve ever tasted, a watch dog barked us away and we carried on up the hill.

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

Detouring again, expecting to see water and just ending up with views of the town and a whole lot of rocks, we backtracked and finally ended up with a beautiful view. And a load of guys in trucks maybe a hundred meters away shouting ‘guapas’ at us. The descend to the water was definitely a lot more difficult than our ascend for the beaut view (and mini picnic of pizza crackers).

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

Jumping through long grass and avoiding massive dry bushes was easy in comparison to sliding a few feet onto our bums because of loose rocks. I landed weirdly on my ankle too and imagined dying there, with one yank and one South African in the middle of a quiet town in Spain, how tragic. But I was actually fine (dramatic thoughts). Somehow we made it down, all alive, to the water. I blew up my rubber ring (always totally at one with nature…), we stripped off and swam in the water crazy blue water. The ground is pure clay so it feels gross to go in at first but you get used to it. As it was time to get out I covered myself in clay because I’m all about that baby soft skin.

Hiking in Librilla, Spain


Getting out of our little lagoon area was actually pretty tough and the best way to do it was to just go go go without stopping even though the hill was mega steep. We were literally grabbing vines and prickly flowers to stop us from sliding all the way down.


I may or may not have braved the barking dog to ‘borrow’ some oranges and lemons on our way back into town. Cue fresh lemonade when we got home. Nina and I were absolutely knackered when we got in and our plans of a late night out were replaced with moaning about our aching muscles and bitching about wacky Eurovision entrants. Over 8 hours of walking and swimming had caught up with us.

Hiking in Librilla, Spain


Anyhow, such an amazing and surprisingly tiring day.

Mary x

p.s. see all the photos on my flickr hereeeee

Hiking in Librilla, Spain

School wars & knee slides


On Saturday night my friend Chuck and I went ice skating in front of Hotel De Ville, it wasn’t really planned so I wasn’t in the best skating attire. It was disco night we had lots of cheesy french music and a few Abba and Bee Gees classic to skate to. I’m a bit rubbish at ice skating as it is but it had been raining during the day so the whole rink was like a giant puddle; I managed to stay upright the whole time (even the professionals were falling over. oh yeah, I’m a pro) until I lost my balance and kind of fell down on one knee. While it looked like I was about to propose, I was still speeding round pretty quickly. Somehow I totally styled it out and got up without being dragged through the giant puddle.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.11.14

Pizza and a walk through Paris on Monday night.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.15.07

Last night I went to see Exodus: Gods and Kings at the cinema. We were (fashionably) late so ended up sitting in the front row right in the centre. Christian Bale was practically jumping through the screen (it was 3D) and sitting on my lap we were so close. I loved the film but it was so ridiculously dramatic; dying horses, dying crocodiles, dying fish, dying frogs, dying people. But Moses was such a G.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 19.58.49

beard lad

Since last weeks terror dramas, the school the kids go to has upped their security. Meaning we can’t pick the kids up from their classroom, instead all the parents wait by one tiny doorway and push and scream until they get their kid. Maybe I’m just taking a British approach when thinking ‘WHY CAN’T WE MAKE A LINE?!’. But no, that would be too simple. It’s literally like battle of the prams and handbags mixed with parents trying to squeeze their 3 year old out through the crowd with as little panic as possible. That usually ends with lots of unnecessary pandemonium (always wanted an excuse to use that word.)


Crazy sky in Ansieres

In other news, I’ve booked a weekend home (14th – 17th February) and a few days in Spain! I’m a little bit excited for February holidays.

Aaaaand massive congratulations to my main girl (lol) Charlie who gave birth to a little boy, Alfie on Friday! Can’t wait to meet and squeeze him. Our family is growing yay

Mary x

Holiday in South Africa! 8th-9th May 2014


Living in South Africa means a holiday doesn’t even involve having to cross borders, there are some pretty cool places to go in the country. Callum, Trisha, Bill and I embarked on a 6 day long holiday last week following the famous Garden Route to Addo Elephant Park with a few stops on the way and I think they’ll agree that it was a pretty amazing trip.

The journey began early on 8th May, following a night out and maybe 2 or 3 hours sleep Callum had to pack all his clothes in a few minutes (because he is yet to learn the beautiful art of organisation) and jump in the Suzuki Swift, our mode of transport for the next 6 days. Our first stop was at Paradise House in Knysna, our rooms were stunning we even had little balconies looking out onto hills, the town and the sea. Knysna is beautiful and the scenery is great but the weather was not on our side and that night we watched a huge thunderstorm outside our window. I gave up on trying to get a decent photo and just watched the lightning strike from the comfort of the warm room; it’s kinda exciting to watch and looks so much prettier than lightning in England.


Thunderstorms in Knysna – South Africa


A brighter view the next morning


The next morning we woke up to a sunnier view and we were all in high spirits, excited to get onto our next stop until Trisha realised she didn’t have her purse 😦 losing valuable items is rubbish wherever you are but the prospect of not having your purse when you’re away and will be away for the next 7 months must’ve been reallly crap rubbish. I told myself (and Callum) that we’d find it by 10:27 that morning… We retraced our steps back to the B&B, nowhere to be seen. We rooted through the car, nowhere to be seen. We emptied bags, nowhere to be seen. Our last resort was to ask at the pub that we ate in the night before but when the owner told us he definitely hadn’t seen it we all started to panic. We turned to the car with almost no hope left when at 10:26 the guy came out with it in his hand. He’d decided to double check where we’d been sitting the night before and found it right in the corner. A group hug and a few tears followed before we jumped back in the car to carry on our journey. Maybe it was just a coincidence that we found it by 10:27 or maybe I have actual psychic powers….. 

It was an interesting start to our holiday, we left Knysna ready to see some wildlife and have less drama.

Mary x