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Yo, it’s your girl Maz – a bit of a stranger to the blog. Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve taken to my laptop and published a decent string of blog posts but hey ho, Girl Got Lost is all about the phases of business and chill.

As most of you probs know, I’m pretty keen on the old sustainable shopping front. I don’t buy any new (as in 1st hand) clothes so when I do shop for clothes & accessories I head to a few random places IRL and online.

Here are some of my faves:

Kilo shops

Ugh, such a great concept. Buying clothes by weight. Ok, in reality, it’s not as simple as you’d hope but it does help to refresh your normal dull shopping experience. I used to enjoy visiting the Paris stores; great for basic items like shirts and blouses, not so great for heavy coats or jumpers.


Vestiaire is a God send if you’re a self-admitting label snob – ok, I haven’t bought anything from there but I sure do love scrolling through the dreamy designer handbags. Vestiaire allows you to buy and sell ‘luxury’ and ‘premium’ second-hand items for a discounted price. Every item is checked by a member of their team to double check they’re authentic and up to standard. Yes, some things are crazy expensive but you can also find a bargain and know that the quality is top notch.

Oxfam Online Shop

Items that don’t sell in Oxfam stores can end up on their online shop. It’s really simple to use and there are honestly, SO MANY PRODUCTS on there. Not everything is second hand, some retailers will donate stock if they can’t sell them or just wanna do some good. Books, vintage, CD and vinyl, clothes, shoes – basically, you can get almost anything on their website so it’s defo worth taking a look.

Charity shops

An obvious choice for some but still, in 2017, so many people overlook the potential of charity shop shopping! They even have discount charity shops now, like in Hatfield, my fave is one where everything is £1(?!?!?!) Before going to Glastonbury last year I was stressing out about buying new wellies and managed to find a pair in my size in there; so fab for a quid.


Speaking of festivals, they’re well worth a nosey around if you’re into stand out, eccentric clothes. Summer 2016 took me to no less than 7 festivals and I did my fair share of clothes shopping between stuffing my face with falafel and belting out a tune alongside Adele. Shambala and Lattitude really impressed me with the amount of stuff on offer – picture sequins,  bum bags, unicorn horns, tutus, fairy wings and more. Keep an eye out for bargains on the final evenings of a festival; a lot of stalls don’t have room to take much back so they lower their prices at the final chance. I’ve nabbed an army jacket for £1, 2nd hand Topshop jumpsuits for a fiver (down from 20) and countless deals on socks and cosy hoodies.


Overpriced but still fab –>

beyond retro

Pretty much the ASOS of the vintage clothing world.


The River Island of the vintage clothing world?

Lastly, if you have a tad more patience and don’t mind wading through more random crap, I recommend shopping on Facebook Marketplace, Depop and eBay. You could even stretch to Gumtree if you’re feeling reaaaally crazy (I once found the prettiest never been worn River Island kimono on Gumtree for a tenner so wahey, it can be done).

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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The Next Single Step – 14th August 2014

it's not all boring in England

it’s not all boring in England

It’s been a weird day. I woke up thinking about how it was exactly a year ago that Fran and I returned from Namibia. We walked through the airport with no shoes on, about a stone or 2 heavier than we are now, tear strewn faces, matted hair and we both were apparently very smelly.

I spent part of my morning chatting to a lovely girl, Kirsty on Skype. We’ve never met and have only chatted a few times on Facebook; the factor that connects us is the fact that she’ll soon (2 weeks I think!) be travelling to Otjikondo in Namibia doing the same year with Project Trust that I did! She was so friendly and seems way more prepared than I was at this stage 2 years ago. I dug out my old diaries and had a few hours of reminiscing and feeling sorry for myself because I don’t know when I can next go to Namibia. Which is a horrible feeling.

Fran came to London, had such a good time

Fran came to London, had such a good time

Anyway, I’ve been a busy bee since last posting. I’m in the process of backing up my laptop so I can clear through my photos, organise my files and upload some of the photos I took whilst in Paris with Callum which was way back when in June!?! After returning from Paris I have shot a wedding, had numerous part time jobs, been to a festival of colours, been to a few mini festivals, visited family in Birmingham, had an amazing surprise visit from Fran, went to the farm, caught up with countless friends in London and Hertfordshire, turned 20, went camping, driven more miles than necessary, danced in a flashmob, spoken at schools about Project Trust, spent time with family and got a job in PARIS!

Willows farm with Mollie and some Guinea Pigs

Willows farm with Mollie and some Guinea Pigs

With Chloe on my birthday

With Chloe on my birthday

So the past 2 months have kind of gone full circle, from visiting Paris as a tourist to applying for a job as an au pair, many interviews and being selected for the job 😀 I’ll be leaving on 30th August and will be there for a year. I’m planning to write a new post tomorrow about the job and what I’m expecting from the job so I won’t go into it too much now. But I am saying I’m SOOOOO EXCITED!