Seeking new arrangements 

Au Pairing in Paris

Plans don’t always go as expected but that’s not to say you can’t still enjoy your night. We headed to champ de mars last night for wine and I did no less than 7 hair braids (a new record for little old me). It was nice to see some au pairs I haven’t seen since September(!?)    

Now I’m on the 8 hour coach from Paris to London to see mum, dad and auntie Marcia before my grandmas 80th birthday party tomorrow in Birmingham. Then I’ll be back on Monday after and have less than 5 full days in Paris before I leave! 

Reflective moment – So proud of my friends here who can adapt if plans change beyond their control! They’re 100 times more ambitious and creative than I could ever hope to be and now this is just an excuse to make the next event bigger and better than before. Woo girl powaaaaa 


Mary x



10 things I don’t have time for in Paris


Oh no is this a listacle? I think it may be. Oops soz

I’m jumping on a train on Saturday morning out of Paris. Here’s some stuff I won’t miss. (I do love it here by the way, just moaning)

1. paying €9 for a pint. Not OK in any way

2. people who run for a train that’s not leaving for 5 minutes!! You don’t need to run yet bbz!!!

3. chocolate bars sold in a pack of 2. Obviously I can happily eat 2 bars of milka at a time but would it really hurt to sell them individually?

4. music in clubs. Its not all bad but sometimes I feel like we’re stuck in 2009. (Oh ‘low’ by flo rida is playing again, fantastic)

5. the smell on the metro. It’s weird when you see friends and that’s the main topic of conversation.

6. it seems like everyone but you owns a designer bag.

7. ‘you’re an au pair? Oh so you’re a babysitter’ yes but I’m so much more I promise!

8. ‘oh you’re english?I’ve heard all English girls binge drink???’ Why you judging maaaate

9. climbing 7 flights of stairs to get to your mates apartment. Because living on the ground floor is so mainstream…

10. pharmacies. They sell 100 brands of ear wax remover but 1 brand of deodorant or tampons. I need super drug and boots back in my life for realsies


I’ve got a lot of time for unlimited shopping and cheap wine though..

Mary x

Stuck on a metro, pompiwho, ‘do I look like voldermort?!’


Look who I bumped into in Paris! Unfortunately it wasn’t Beyonce and Jay Z but seeing Jenna and Steph was second best I guess..

They’d been off interailing and ended in the french capital so we got to hang out over the weekend. We went to a metro party (about an hour after I’d landed back in Paris) but bailed quite early on because it was basically a game of cat and mouse with the police and some idiots weren’t letting us out of a carriage. We ended dancing in Bastille. I ended up missing the last train home so did the standard sit on a bus and chat to a randomer about cultural topics for the whole journey home thing.

On Sunday Steph had planned a walking tour to see all the sights. So here are some generic photos of us at the sights 🙂
We went for a drink by the sacre coeur that evening, took the funicular, got the metro to the Eiffel tower and watched it light up as we drank €12 champagne. Living that Parisian life












Cheeeeers to all the lols girls

Mary x

PDA in Paris

Au Pairing in Paris, Europe

Random choice of subject but I have something I have to get off my chest. PDA IN PARIS IS OUT OF HAND!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 00.30.20

I understand that Paris is ‘the city of love’ but my eyes have been subjected to a ridiculous amount of PDA over the past 5ish weeks. From couples kissing under the Eiffel Tower (totally fine) to adults sitting on top of each other on the metro showing us things that should be kept for the bedroom (not ok).

This weekend was the worst, PDA wise. I think as the weather gets colder people feel the need to snuggle more and think the rest of us want to see them kiss for the whole 25 minute metro journey. No we do not! I don’t think this comes from any bitterness; I’m all for being in love and being happy but don’t you think some things are for the privacy of your own home?!

So this is a message to anyone in Paris; if you see me quietly (but very obviously) cringing in the corner while you kiss and rub your faces up against each other then it’s because I find it really awkward and uncomfortable!

(Am I overreacting or has anyone else experienced weird PDA’s in Paris..?)


bisous (not in public…)

What I’m lovin’ about Paris

Au Pairing in Paris

Just a quick post about my fave things in Paris; my first fortnight has been so good and I can’t quite get my head around how much I’ve done alongside working and studying.

Feeling very french in my beret and moustache

Feeling very french in my beret and moustache

So here’s what I’m lovin’ about Paris (so far!)

– Because it’s a relatively small city it’s actually easier and quicker to get around than London.

– It’s perfectly fine to be drinking from a bottle of wine on the street in the middle of the day (I’m not an alcoholic, I promise)

– Baguettes! all day everyday

– Most people can speak English. Obviously I’m trying to learn French but it’s good to know English is there as a back up

– Street style

– You can always smell something delicious  when you walk down the street. Pizza, crepes, bread, cakes etc etc

– My travel is paid for so I use any excuse to get on the metro and explore

– It’s difficult to get bored of the sight of the Eiffel Tower

– Metro parties. Although terrifyingly dangerous, loads of fun

– Clothes shops are amazing

– Casual Sunday picnics with 1000 people

– Sephora. It’s like another world

– The kids I look after can be so sweet; an impromptu hug or giggle outweighs the tantrums

– The weather is fab fab fab at the moment

– French people have the best names

– I’ve met some of the loveliest people here already

– The little dogs…

Aaaaaand I think that’s all for now!

Mary x