What ya doing in Oxford..?

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Who knew over 80 of my Facebook friends gave a fudge that I was moving to Oxford?!

So yeah. On Sunday I moved to Oxford after 3 months in Welwyn (post Kenya.). I’m currently a very happy bunny because I somehow managed to land a 3 month job on the social media team with a pretty big UK charity. They work towards the issues that I’m most passionate about and operate on such a huge scale. It’s very easy to work out which charity it is but I won’t say it here cos I don’t need no drama.

It was a speedy transition from jobless, to application, to interview to starting out. Which means I had a day to rush around south Oxford viewing flats & houses that would take on little old me for just 3 months (this came after countless messages to landlords which is always super fun).

I decided on a cute house share in Cowley with 3 other guys. It’s in a residential area so not crazy lively but it’s spacious and clean and convenient so all round great. On Sunday Georgie, Chad and I went to Birmingham to see our cousins and family then drove to Oxford on the way back to drop me off.

I unpacked and prepared for the week ahead. I started the new job in Monday; the first days have been a bit of mix. Overwhelming at times, also pretty calm and chilled. I’ve sat in on a few exciting meetings (that sounds sarcastic but it’s actually not.), been given a few responsibilities and been up and down the 2 flights of stairs to my desk a million times. but yeah, so far, so good. The entry into the ‘world of work’ is a little different for me because I’ve spent so long either working to my own hours or just having such a relaxed schedule and tasks that very little could go wrong (African time is real). Now I’m on the opposite of the spectrum so woah, surprise surprise I’m not allowed to just jam outside with the kids, chill on the beach or wear shorts and t shirt because I’m profesh now hunnay.


Yesterday Papa Mandefield happened to be working like 100 metres away from my office so we met in Costa and did a lil supermarket shop cos my fridge shelf was feeling empty and sad. I went for a run round Shotover Country Park because the weather was iiiite. I was surprised at how much open space there was, right next to the dual carriage way and there were so many monkjack deers!? Monkjacks are one of life’s greatest mysteries. They’re so bizzarre. Their faces are proper deer-like but the back half is like an overgrown rabbit.


Tomorrow I’m going to play a casual game of Ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of people I’ve never met before (pray for me plz). I reckon I’ll come back to London on Friday night to see a certain Miss Gaynor but after that I’ll shimmy back to Cowley. SoooOooOOo0o if anyone fancies a day/weekend out HOLLA at me. I don’t have a working phone because I may or may not have smashed it on the morning of my first day… but message me on the old faceboookkksss.

That’s all for now chumps. Exciting shizz coming up next week (… did someone say speaking at parliament..?!)


i wear work clothes cos i’m a proper office gal these days. 

Mary xoxox