Borrowed Parents


Whenever someone I know is in Cape Town I jump at the chance of seeing them, having a piece of ‘family’ around when you’re away is the best cure for homesickness. It’s a good thing Callum’s mum and stepdad are so much fun as Mum (Trisha) and Bill as I like to call them have just started their sabbatical; they’re travelling around the world for 7 months and have begun in Cape Town! Callum and I did the very grown up duty of driving to meet them at the airport last Sunday. They hired a little car and we all drove to their rented house in Mowbray, it’s so lovely and peaceful and they have the perfect laundry basket (no one will understand the struggles of finding the perfect laundry basket in Cape Town!). 

They’ve done some really cool stuff since they arrived and have managed to fit loads into such a short space of time. Trish works with Theatre in Education and is continuing to work whilst away, setting up meetings with theatre companies and watching and assisting with plays. They have a list of their own goals and things they want to do in each country as well as a quick list of challenges set by Callum and myself;
 1.  Have a pizza at table view St Elmos
  1. Stand on top of a mountain with a giraffe
  2. Have a picnic in Kirstenbosch 
  3. Ride in the back of a bakkie with a giraffe 
  4. Have wraps with Callum and Mary 
  5. Take a Selfie with an Elephant 
  6. Have a Braii
  7. Toast Marshmallows on a fire 
  8. Go to a karaoke night
  9. Shout Lakker Okes! on penthouse roof
  10. Learn the Ooo Kill’em dance 
  11. Sit on an ostrich 
  12.  Race Go-karts at canal walk 
  13.  Try some malva pudding 
  14. Use an outdoor Gym
  15. Star jump on Robben Island 
  16. Get a hair braid
  17. Tell a joke to a beggar 
  18. Compliment a baboon 
  19. Say “ Sweet Board Dude” to a surfer 
Our challenges are pretty basic, I think anyone who visits Cape Town should do all of these as standard… 
Mum and Bill have been so good to us already and I’ve definitely been treated as part of the family. We’ve been to the beach to play tennis, had numerous pizzas on the beach or in town, been to an improv show (amazing and hilarious), been to a poetry reading (Bill performed, it was fab and bizarre. Maybe this night needs a dedicated blog post?!), discovered Trish is unable to jump but is improving by (attempting) to jump 15 times a day, watched a one man educational play in front an audience of ‘varied’ children, visited a muffin shop (highlight of my life), eaten cake (made by myself, it was actually quite good, my mum should be proud), invented ridiculous games and had endless absurd conversations in the car. Basically we’ve had an awesome time and I can’t wait for us all to go on safari in a few days!
I’m also realising that my boyfriend is so similar to the both of them but maybe not quite so crazy.
Mary x