Awky Maz – aidez moi svp

Awky Maz

Awky Maz number twooooo comes from BHV, a very standard department store in Paris. And everyone’s done this before. I just wanted to share the moment, don’t judge.

awky maz 2

I was shopping in the stationery section of the department store and had been there for over 30 minutes trying to find the right type of sketchbook and I was going a bit mad trying to work out the paperchase section. I saw a guy who’d been stacking a shelf for a while. I asked if he spoke English because my patience was at zero which isn’t french speaking level. He said yes so I proceeded to ask where I could find the sketchbooks, I spoke for a while about how I wasn’t satisfied with a A4 one but needed something a bit smaller but not too small and what paper and pens I needed. I think I may have added how badly layout the shop was. Instead of interrupting me throughout this he waited until the end to tell me he didn’t work there.

If you don’t work there why were you sat stacking shelves?! And why didn’t you stop me sooner?!

Ugh people.