All about Kenya

See ‘So, I’m moving to Kenya’ for the run down on where I’m going and what for. Basically, in September this year I’ll be going to Nanyuki in central Kenya to volunteer for 3 months with VSO. It’s assumed I’ll be volunteering with disabled children, helping them get back into mainstream school. But as with all voluntary programmes things can change at any moment so I’ll have to keep you all updated 🙂

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I have to raise £800 in order to go on this placement so have jumped straight into my fundraising. My main fundraiser is a 600 mile run. Yes 600 miles is a ridiculous distance but fear not, I’m completing it over 2 months. Read on for more info…

To go & volunteer in Kenya in September I need to raise £800 for the charity VSO. All the money goes directly to the charity and ensures they can keep the programme going for another year. Whilst I’m away I’ll be volunteering full time, staying with a host family and living like a local (food, activities, facilities) so don’t worry; I’m not going on an extended holiday!

VSO volunteers have loads of different ways of raising the money before volunteering overseas, a lot do a sponsored walk or run. I decided a 10K or half marathon wasn’t extreme enough so I’m accumulating the total of 600 miles over the next 2 months as my main fundraiser.

Why 600 miles (or 965KM)? I chose this distance because it’s the same as the width of Kenya (+ is probably the most I could handle in 2 months). I’m accumulating the total of 600 by running almost everyday whilst I’m in Spain (it’s 35 degrees most days which is… ermm sweaty..) and will end with a marathon in Isle of Man on 9th August, my 21st birthday!!!

You can track my progress & countdown on my instagram (@marymandefield) and will share big milestones on my blog.
It’s easy to sponsor me on my JustGiving page and you can donate any amount or maybe choose to pledge £2 every time I reach a 100 mile milestone. This is a super tough challenge for me so I really appreciate any donations and support!

p.s. I’ve found out it’s very likely I’ll be volunteering with people with disabilities; helping kids get into mainstream school and helping increase opportunities for wealth creation in areas of poverty in the market town of Nanyuki. I hope I can set up some sports clubs while I’m there too but obviously will have to wait until I find out more

Please donate & share. Thanks guys & gals!

use the hashtag ‪#‎MazRuns600‬ on social media to support or share when you’ve donated!


JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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