Bloody Mary πŸ’‰


I’m 24, so thats 7 years I’ve put off giving blood, (IT’S BEEN 7 YEARS SINCE I WAS 17 WTF. WHY) because I’d either been to a high risk country, had a piercing, tattoo, ill or another kind of reason. But today was the day I actually did it and let the nurses at West End Blood Donor Centre take 500ml of my juicy juicy blood.

Ahead of my donation, I’d signed up on online, had a quick chat with a nice woman on the phone about what countries I’d been to, if I’d had Hepatitis in the past etc etc, I chose a date, rocked up, filled in a short form and had a 5 min consultation. To be honest, this was the trickiest part as she asked me where I’d travelled to in the past 12 months then which countries with malaria I’d been to. Ermm, Namibia 2012-13, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya 2015, back to Namibia 2014, oh and South Africa, oh and then Namibia again in 2016, and South Africa again, Morocco 2017.. aaaand I THINK that’s it? I don’t know. They test all the blood anyway so I think any slip ups will be accounted for.

Bloody Mary xBack to the actual process. So I was shuffled into a new room, asked to sit on an IKEA style curvy chair which was titled back. I offered up my right arm, they stuck the needle in and after 5 mins, they’d stuck a plaster on me and I was sipping on squash, feeling smug about my contribution to one of the 6000 donations needed everyday to treat patients in England alone. Madness.

And that’s it. Oh, and there’s loads of snacks (vegan ones too oi oi) to make sure you don’t get dizzy after.

So take this as a little reminder to book yourself in for a blood donation (especially if you’re black or asian)Β and join me on my moral high ground, it feels good. πŸŽ‰βœ¨

You never know when you might need to be on the receiving end πŸ™πŸΏ


M x

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