Just Peachy.

📍Sydney, Australia
📆 January 2019
Earlier this year I had a message from my sis asking if she could ring me. I crawled out of bed half asleep, sat on the loo, saw another message from her that read ‘it’s bad news’. I racked my brain for which family members are getting on a bit.
This was so unexpected. My dog had died.
I sobbed, crawled back into bed, sobbed some more, had a much needed cuddle with Jacqui in her bed, was joined by her 2 dogs who wanted to lick my tears clean off my face, got up, went into town to take my mind off it and then cried some more. I’d say it took me around 3 days to actually feel ok thinking and talking about Peachy. She was the best dog. Seriously.
We collected Peachy at just 8 weeks old after my bratty teenage self asked my dad for a puppy for my birthday. I don’t know if he obliged to keep me happy or because he wanted one as much as I did.
It’s cliche but she had a bloody amazing life. So whilst I’m still incredibly sad about her being gone, I can’t help but smile when I see her toys still scattered around my flat. Because, as a family, we couldn’t have made her life any better.

Some of my favourite Peachy moments:

  • Let’s start at the beginning – when we visited a long legged Westie in basildon, 2 male puppies were dozing off whilst the female was running into the wall, rolling over herself and climbing over us. It was obvious which one we wanted.
  • We’ll never forget the time she left the walking path in the Lake District to go and chase mountain sheep. When they charged at her, she ran so fast that her ‘Just Peachy‘ top slipped off and we lost her in the distance. After passing a farmer who claimed he’d ‘shoot that dog if he found her first’, we were starting to panic. Her escapade ended hours later when we spotted her shivering under a tree.
  • Every single time she managed to escape from the garden. At one point she would come running back to the sound of her bowl being shaken. One time she fell straight into the neighbours pond.
  • A simple school night walk to the lakes ended in drama yet again when a bunny caught Peachy‘s eye. I climbed through fences and nettles to eventually find her perched on the train tracks deciding whether to pursue the rabbit on the other side or me (frantically chanting ‘ham, ham, cheese, ham’). I limped home with her and mum took her straight to the emergency vets.
  • The strict instructor at puppy training classes brandished Peachy as ‘a BAD dog!!!’ when she’d finally had enough of all the rules and went for all the others dogs and bit the instructor.
  • When she’s being so very patient with Alfie who hasn’t quite grasped the hierarchy of a family and see’s it as ‘Peachy‘s House’
  • When she was still little she got so excited by someone at the front door that she’d flip and fall down the stairs but would be wagging her tail as soon as she got up. (Nathan Persaud so the most spectacular displays of this)
  • Learning to rollover and dance on command but not capable of walking without stopping to pee every 5 metres.
  • That time Pets at Home made me pay an extra £5 because she’d bitten the groomer.
  • Rolling onto her back to her tummy scratched by anyone and everyone.
  • Countless adventures to Knebworth, Birmingham, Manchester, Saxmundham, Cockermouth, Cardiff, Oxford, London and more (and being hidden in few house shares from landlords)


She had such a good life and we, the Mandefields, were so lucky to have her! Wherever she is now, I reckon she’s chasing squirrels and maybe she’ll even catch one.

R.I.P Peachy Flower
Mary xx
Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 00.50.14.png

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