I’m b(l)ack.


Sorry blog.

I’ve literally mistreated you and neglected you for a whole damn year oops.

I’m kind of used to blogging/writing/venting when things are awful, that’s when I want to share with y’all (mainly my mum) because it’s cheaper than therapy. Like, remember when the kids I used to look after would just piss themselves in the park and refuse to move or let me take them home. Or that one summer’s day when I got deported and was on my own with no idea where to go or what to do. Or that time I went to Kenya and got actual worms. UGH. Good times lads.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-04 at 23.54.47.jpeg

It’s kinda cathartic to get out all those frustrations and confusing moments out onto the notes app on your laptop and into a blog post. Once its published you exhale and think ‘you know what, it aint all that bad, and actually, its quite funny’. My life is funny, like proper hilarious. And I’ve missed documenting it! Instagram definitely isn’t a reflection of what I get up to, and when I think about it, my ‘life’ highlights and general musings are all trapped in the voice notes to my mates. Mainly to Jacqui, apologies for the sometimes 8 minute ramblings.

Because I’m back to my keyboard, you might be thinking I’m feeling Flo Rida Low, but thats not the case at all, I’m promise. Life is fabulous, so let’s see what it’s like to write about the good times. And I currently have no weak bladdered children in my care. Thank ya Jesus.

So, yeah, I’m back.
Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 00.15.43.png
I’m also black. My ethnicity gives me a decent amount of melanin on a good day but spending 5 weeks in Australia and New Zealand during the height of their no ozone summer has really pushed the brown skin to new levels. That post holiday glow is still giving me a little life even if it is hidden under a whole lot of grey jersey (oh, I’m freelance now. What are normal clothes, please? I’m drowning in a cycle of joggers and slipper socks).

I’ll tell you all about my travels v soon, but for now, I just wanted to say HEY. I’ve missed ya!

Mary x


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