11 signs you’re starting to adult.


Oh no.

I’ve been trying to run from this for at least 3 or 4 years. But I admit defeat – I’m slowly transforming into an adult.



Here are some signs you’re also going through this inevitable transition..

1. You enjoy watching Location Location Location

What’s more, you’re actually putting yourself in the position of the first time buyers – ‘hmm yeah they’re right about being so close to the main road. Great access to the train station and decent schools though’. No I ain’t guna buy a house. Why do Phil and Kirsty make looking at them seem so fun though?


2. You write a list for a food shop

and actually stick to it.

3. You’re friends with real life adults

And they’re not just your parents friends- they’re your friends. Adults – imagine that!



4. You leave a decent night out because you know you’ll feel like hell at work tomorrow.

You may get home and stay up even longer watching cringey proposal videos on YouTube but the good intentions were there.

5. Saying that, sleep is your best friend

You stick to a bed time most nights which is so unbelievably sad but feels so good.

6. Your mates are getting pregnant and married and you congratulate them

Because it seems intentional now…

7. You silently judge teenagers outfits.

Too many crop tops, not enough jumpers girls


8. People at work come to you with questions

You think I know the answer? I have no idea what’s going on mate

9. You no longer see the appeal of junk food.

It’s gross, it makes you feel awful and you’d rather a nice pasta salad.


10. You strategically plan annual leave to get maximum beach/festival/lying on the sofa time

Being paid to do a whole load of nothing is a beautiful beautiful thing.

11. Fitbits.

Fitbits everywhere. Basically a glorified, overpriced pedometer. But gotta have one. Counting steps each day – how very adult of me.


tired of this shizz.

Despite all of these signs, you just gotta remember that you’re nothing more than a lost child, blagging your way through this mess. Keep at it 🙂



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