I bloomin love instagram. As I’m genuinely a little sad that I’ve barely travelled at all this year, here’s a look back at my fave travel pics and a shameless plug to follow me on instagram.

3 months in Kenya meant seeing lots of beautiful animals. Giraffes, elephants and rhino in walking distance from my house.

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I went to Latitude with Oxfam a few weeks ago. Lake swimming was definitely a highlight.

Christmas markets in Vienna are so cute. Austria is definitely underrated.

I love goats more than life itself.

I spent a few months in Cape Town and it is without doubt, my favourite place on earth.

What happened to Pont des Arts in Paris? Have the padlocks gone now? I lived in Paris for 8 months and loved going to all the cheesy tourist attractions as well as the lesser known areas.

I’ve never met a boy as happy as Himba.

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Amsterdam #amsterdam #travelphotography #marysprojectyear

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A few years ago we had a very dramatic NYE in Amsterdam. As crazy as the town is, it’s also calm and picturesque.

Otjikondo in Namibia is my second home. When the kids aren’t doing massive cheesy grins for the camera, they can look quite cute.



That’s all for now

Mary x

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