I’m lovin’ it – Oxford fun


how’s everyone dooooing?
I used to really good at posting what stuff I’m loving at the moment but I kind of forgot about that.
With no real rhyme or reason I’m just guna share stuff I’m enjoying at the moment.


FIRST let me jut say. Beyonce. This time last week I was losing my sh*t over LEMONADE. If you haven’t watched it you neeeeed to (listening isn’t enough). I still have so many unanswered questions about it all and i’m feeling pretty annoyed at myself for not getting formation tour tickets. But hey ho, you live and you learn.


Second hand clothes. All of em.
Burberry’s jacket for £35 say whaaaat. Cute necklace & ring. Floral dress for a quid. No signs of slowing down when Oxford has some top class vintage and charity stores and I’m always scrolling through the Oxfam Online Shop.

Running should be a priority right now because I’ve got a marathon to train for. It’s not that I’m neglecting it but more that it’s an after thought. I think once you’ve ran a marathon you know what you’re capable of and so training for another one is less of ‘omg I wander what the marathon will be like I better prepare myself’ and more of a ‘I know I need to train but I’ve actually got a glimpse of confidence of knowing I’ll be able to complete it’. The solution issss giving myself lots of small goals to work towards. I wanted to run the Oxford 10k in a few weeks but £25 entry fee is a bit of a push at the moment (poor life) so I might see if there are any more coming up before the summer. Running in Cowley is fab though. I live opposite Shotover park and there are deers jamming around and loads of bunnies to gush over.


Not much tbh. Since not having to cook for housemates or kids I’m enjoying not cooking – because I’m not a foodie and I’m lazy. Loving that cracker and humus life. Living off pasta, pringles and ALL the clementines. Happy days.
Oh and loving all the random restaurants, pubs and bars on Cowley road. Making up for the lack of food with jazzy cocktails and rum & coke floats yaaas

Soooo that’s all for now. Hopefully, now I’m settled in in Oxford I’ll be blogging a whole heap more. Lucky you guys

Maz xo

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