The first 100 miles – MazRuns600


So, this is a little overdue as I actually reached my first 100 mile milestone a week ago but y’know life has been busy busy. Here’s a quick run down of how I’ve been finding my sponsored run; the good, the bad and the ugly..

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 13.16.41

The Good

I’ve loved my long runs more than I first thought I would. It’s so nice to get off my phone, laptop or tablet, not worry about replying to whatsapps or checking daily mail (zero shame hunnies) and just have time to myself. Most of y’all that know me well will probably know that I love being alone anyway, I’m literally my fave person so why wouldn’t I want to chill as a lone wolf. I’ve been using my runs to listen to albums I’ve been meaning to get round to for months. Sometimes I listen to podcasts; Scott Mills because his show is hilarious and other time Grimmy and Greg James. Another great thing is seeing more of my city; even after 2 months there’s so many places and parts I haven’t seen yet so it’s nice to deviate from my usual walking routes and discover cute parks, bridges and buildings.

I hate to be a narcissistic prude because obvs this is all for charity but I have lost a little weight. I’m nowhere near as toned or slim as I was way back in the good old days of 2010 but I’m slowly getting away from chubby Maz in Africa who couldn’t go a day without chocolate or homemade fudge.


The Bad

It’s been a hot topic all week (OMG PUNNNNNY) but I’m guna join in – THE HEAT. Mate I don’t live in the UK, I live in the south of Spain. It’s hot all day everyday and it makes training a million times more difficult. You can feel the warmth even before sunrise. And the evenings can still reach 35 degrees. If I’m happy to run on the pavement I’ll set off at midnight and be back by 2am, but if my knees are hurting and I therefore need to go on sandy gravel I have to leave the house at 8pm and get home just after sunset because there are no streetlights on the gravel road. This also means planning my meals accordingly and often sacrificing social plans.

I had been doing some short runs at the gym but the gym is so old fashioned that it’s actually more difficult than it should be. The air con is poop, there’s no water fountain, no TV and the opening hours suck if you’re a night owl like me. I have managed to squeeze in a few pilates classes though which have been good.

Yesterday I went to the gym with a film ready to watch on my tablet and hoping to do 15KM on the treadmill only to be told my membership was up?! I swear they told me I’d be good until 20th July, so that sucked a lot. I can’t afford to shell out for 3 weeks so I guess I’ll have to get used to the sweaty great outdoors.

Lastly; food! I am not a foodie but things are definitely changing. I can’t afford to skip any meals, binge or eat mounds of crap, plus I need to eat a lot and constantly fuel my body otherwise I’ll legit pass out. Tinie Tempah style. This isn’t necesarrily ‘a bad’ but it’s restrictive and another thing to worry/think/stress about.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 13.20.25

The Ugly

Flies. I’ve eaten about 20, inhaled a few and have even felt them go up my nose. Mmmmmm.

Let’s touch all the wood because luckily I haven’t had any injuries yet and I intend to keep it that way. I also have been mostly super happy and motivated (especially when I get a donation!) and I thought that would be my biggest obstacle so it’s all good.

p.s. disco fanny ew.

Thank you so much for the amazing support so far; from a simple ‘like’, ‘share’, encouraging comment or dontation it’s all appreciated more than you can imagine. Help me to help VSO make positive steps in global aid and volunteering. If you can afford to donate £1 then go for it, I won’t offended. If you can afford more than obviously I’ll be a happy bunny. I’ve still got a long way to go in completing a total of 600 miles but every donation keeps me motivated.

Currently – 126.2 miles (203KM!) ran, 473.8 to go.

click the button to go to my JustGiving page;

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Maz x



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