Awky Maz – Frenchie on the ferry

Awky Maz
I hate getting the ferry and never plan to sit on the cold P&O boats but unluckily, some coach companies take it instead of the euro tunnel. I was going from Dover to Calais (well, Leeds to Paris) and was woken up by the coach driver, no one else was on the coach and he was angrily telling me to get off and exit the car park. I flustered my way into the seating area, found a plug socket to charge my phone and tried to fall asleep.
5 minutes later I was joined by a french guy who had been on the same coach as me. He wanted to have a full on conversation (in French ha) and I wasn’t really feeling it and would’ve much preferred to get to sleep on the plasticky sofa. Each time I drifted off he’d ask more questions or remind me my phone or bag was out. He wasn’t harassing me but I wasn’t in the mood for friendly chats (it was 3am). Then he had his phone out and was definitely snapchatting photos of me or photos of him with me in the background. Which is not ok.
About 20 minutes of uninterrupted sleep later I woke up to see a family of 4 sitting opposite just watching me. And mysterious french snapchat guy standing above me also watching. WEIRD.
Obviously then I didn’t want to sleep again but if you know me you’ll know I find that difficult! The final time I was awoken was when Frenchie was poking me to let me know we had to re-board the coach.
And this ordeal is why I hate ferry journeys.
georgie - swirls 197

me lookin cool.


ferry essentials.

Maz x

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