Maz in Murcia



I think it’s fair to say I had been feeling a bit crap for the few weeks before these holidays; it was January, unbelievably cold, everything seemed more expensive than ever, I’d felt sick, I’d been working hard on a little side project and was drained, I was missing friends (and my dog, probably more than is socially acceptable), the school run was a big stress since the Hebdo incident and for most people the novelty of living in Paris had worn off. Obviously you’ve gotta expect that; you can’t always be amazed by where you’re living, you’d run out of energy. But once the magic wears off and the reality sets in you can’t help but imagine going somewhere else or starting something new. I’ve also realised that I’m a massive whinger. I find faults with everything because I just want it all to be perfect ALL the time. Hmmm unachievable goals eh. So, sorry if I’ve whined to you in the past couple of weeks, I’m over complaining now I promise! 

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 21.21.38 Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 21.21.54

Anyway, back to Spanish adventures! Murcia kinda went like this… 


I ran, shopped, we ate pizza for €4.50, listened to uptown funk more times than I can count, danced on bar tops (apparently…), cooked turkey burgers and wedges, walked into mirrors and got laughed at, ate tapas, danced to Prince, watched Gogglebox, put flowers in my hair, drank beer in 1 litre glasses, danced some more, had drunken walks home, drank too much tequila, borrowed a bride-to-be’s veil, got some free pizza, went to Alicante for the day, climbed a big hill, rescued a caterpillar, walked through giant mushrooms, visited an old castle, taught the Americans our English slang, learnt that Americans have so many different words to us, learnt that northerners have so many different words to us southerners (doofer?!), witnessed a pretty bright rainbow, sang, ignored street sellers, sat on the beach and left just as it was getting sunny, walked along the marina and lusted after luxury yachts, paddled in freezing water, went for a drink with a fellow WGCer, ate more tapas (cute deep fried squid), mocked segway goers, found our long lost left handed Leo friend, came to the conclusion that left handed Leo’s are the best type of people, went to the cheesiest student bars, laughed at it all the next day.

Basically Murcia was a big ‘Dafuq happened last night?!’ few days and I looooved it. Kloe was the bestest host to clumsy (& possibly a bit drunk) old me and her friends are the sweetest, funniest people in the world. I felt like part of their little Erasmus family after 3 days and I was actually gutted to leave. Miss Klo and everyone already. Not fair. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 21.24.34 Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 21.22.25Also LOL that a few people were confused when I left Murcia. They thought I was just a new erasmus student. Haha, it reminded me of when I convinced a few Beaumont guys I’d actually been there since year 8. Always blending in… 



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