We run this – sunny saturday

Au Pairing in Paris, Sport

It was surprisingly sunny, but still cold, as I made my way to Olymipades to Judit and Bethany’s apartment. Judit and I decided to run to Pantheon as it’s a nice distance with some pretty sights on the way 🙂 We had to do a bit of tourist dodging and squeezing past teenagers as we made our way through the Latin Quarter but it was a nice, easy run.


love this street art!

IMG_0611IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0617

Where – From Olympiades to Pantheon
Spotted – people everywhere, it was super busy. A few armed guards around
Distance – 4.42 miles/ 7.1km
Time – 49 minutes because we stopped a few times
Motivation – it was sunny!
Playlist – This r&b mix, I’m one of those people that always youtubes different running mixes but hate all the dancey David Guetta/Example/Black Eyed Peas ones.

Mary x


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