10 things I don’t have time for in Paris


Oh no is this a listacle? I think it may be. Oops soz

I’m jumping on a train on Saturday morning out of Paris. Here’s some stuff I won’t miss. (I do love it here by the way, just moaning)

1. paying €9 for a pint. Not OK in any way

2. people who run for a train that’s not leaving for 5 minutes!! You don’t need to run yet bbz!!!

3. chocolate bars sold in a pack of 2. Obviously I can happily eat 2 bars of milka at a time but would it really hurt to sell them individually?

4. music in clubs. Its not all bad but sometimes I feel like we’re stuck in 2009. (Oh ‘low’ by flo rida is playing again, fantastic)

5. the smell on the metro. It’s weird when you see friends and that’s the main topic of conversation.

6. it seems like everyone but you owns a designer bag.

7. ‘you’re an au pair? Oh so you’re a babysitter’ yes but I’m so much more I promise!

8. ‘oh you’re english?I’ve heard all English girls binge drink???’ Why you judging maaaate

9. climbing 7 flights of stairs to get to your mates apartment. Because living on the ground floor is so mainstream…

10. pharmacies. They sell 100 brands of ear wax remover but 1 brand of deodorant or tampons. I need super drug and boots back in my life for realsies


I’ve got a lot of time for unlimited shopping and cheap wine though..

Mary x

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