Sole searching


The past week has been tres tres unsettled and I’m only just getting back into my work, social, eating and exercise habits. I actually had a really good weekend but not much to blog about as I didn’t take my camera anywhere and I’m not sure if my account of events is that reliable…(French wine might be to blame)

Anyway, I’m glad to be back running on the regular. Paris is pretty cool by night, even in my random little town.

Where – random roads to Clichy
Time – 50 minutes
Distance – no idea. Forgot to GPS and all that jazz.
Motivation – get back in time to watch made in Chelsea
Spotted – a guy on a solowheel (only the best things ever. Want one asap). And some adorable white puppies, standard Paris.
Playlist – hounds of love, the futureheads. Ain’t no body, shaka khan. Word up & candy, cameo.  Teach me how to dougie, California swag district. take me out, Franz Ferdinand. treasure, Bruno mars (& Eliza Dolittles live lounge cover). the hunger, Eric Benet.





I did also go past what must’ve been a sewage plant/centre/whatever. Sooooo smelly 😥

Mary x

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