Reluctant Travel



If you know me in real life you’ll probably know that sometimes I reluctantly travel *leaving south Africa* cough cough. Today’s another experience of going somewhere but not for the fun of adventure. I’m about to board a flight from Paris to Cork in Ireland to attend a funeral. The Irish don’t wait about for funerals so I’m making the very impromptu journey without much preparation. Of course its really awful to be going to say goodbye to a loved one but I am looking forward to seeing family members I haven’t seen in years. And I can’t help but think about when I’d next have to opportunity to go, so its a bittersweet situation.

I’m hoping I can have a few days to clear my head before heading back to Paris on Wednesday for the madness of work and studying and then preparing for Christmas. I can’t quite believe how quickly these past months have flown by, last time I checked I was sunbathing by the Seine.

For now I want to say how lucky I am to still have so many supportive family members around (never in the same country but always on the end of a Skype call) and remember all the fun memories enjoyed with people who have now passed.

I wrote this while sitting on the train on the way to the airport, now I’m in an awkward queue for boarding the plane. I’m so unorganized that I didn’t check which terminal I was flying from and I didn’t give myself enough time to get to the airport. I knew I was cutting it fine but when I arrived at my check in desk (luckily I’d guessed the right terminal) they told me I was too late. My heart dropped as this genuinely was the only flight I could get. I managed to convince them to let me through and after a few calls they gave me my ticket. I was told to hurry so I sprinted to my gate (it said it was a 10 minute walk, I did it in less than 3) and rushed through security. I managed to rip the buckle off my boot because I was in such a panic and when I arrived at the gate they hadn’t even started to board yet! 

We were all crowded round gate 32 until they announced that they’d changed to gate 33. I just heard about 100 Irish voices say ‘thirty three?!?’ In unison. Let’s hope the test of my trip isn’t so stressful.

RIP Uncle Terrance, I hope you’re having a good laugh at my poor organisation

Mary x

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