Overheard this week

Au Pairing in Paris


I feel kinda guilty for not posting for a while. Sowwwwrry! Here’s some funny things I’ve heard this week from the kids.

Running away from the little ones in the park –
F – ‘I’m going to die! I’m going to die!!!!’
Me – ‘Why? Are they the monsters?!’
F – ‘Noooo my sister. My sisters in love! I’m going to die!!!!’
Me – ‘Did she tell you?’
F – ‘No I asked the boy and he said its true. Aaah!’

With J, looking at family photos while he was peeing –
Me – ‘Is that your uncle?’
J – ‘Noooo that’s my un-cool!’

Mid tantrum (apparently I’m the baddy for sending her to her room for spitting on and punching her siblings)
F – ‘Mary you are really not nice! You are even more not nice than my teacher at school! I really think you are so mean.’

Whining while walking home from school
F – ‘Why can’t I be 3? Why can’t you push me in a buggy?!’
Me – ‘you’re 7, its great to be 7’
F – ‘No its not, I hate being grown up’

J looking down at his thing whilst changing his nappy
J – ‘Mary its grown. Its getting bigger.’

Aaaaand that pretty much sums up my week

Mary x

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