Zurich, you were fab.


If you have low expectations for a place then you will almost certainly be impressed when you arrive. This was pretty much the case when coming to Zurich. Actually, I didn’t have any expectations before I came. I just booked it because it was kinda between Milan and Paris and I’d never been. Great travel planning maz.

After 4 days here I can proudly say I LOVE ZURICH! Seriously, I love it.
Reasons why everyone should go to Zurich (you don’t have to, I ain’t forcing anyone)
1. Its not as cliche as Paris, Rome, London etc. (Ooh I’m so indie) but in all honesty its not as tourist heavy. Less selfie sticks floating around = happy Mary
2. The people are friendly! – says everyone who ever went anywhere. But they are, I promise
3. The girls are gorgeous. And really fashionable. And don’t do that horrible looking you up and down glare that they do in the UK.
4. Nearly every guy is H to the O double T, IE. They all seem to be in that nice transition stage between skier and surfer. And they dress really well. Yeah.
5. Almost everyone can speak English, wahey.
6. Fancy architecture
7. A pretty lake that goes into a pretty river. And it looks blue not murky grey/brown. Ahem Thames.
8. You can see actual snow topped mountains.
9. After admiring the mountains you can go into a huge Zara that has 6 floors or something crazy like that.
10. Steep hills means toned calves
11. Men aren’t creepy and abusive! (Double yay)
12. You can buy fancy bread in plaits. Shweee. And pretzels
13. Trams. Trams rock.
14. Swiss beer is pretty good
15. There’s a Lindt chocolate factory. Must I continue?

Mary x

P.s. thank you Franziska and Laurina for being the best hosts ever and not waking me up in the middle of the night brushing my hair! You da bestest

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