Arrivederci Milano


3 days in Milan was very much needed. My first 5ish weeks in Paris had been amazing but I couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit trapped; Paris is a bit of bubble, like every city I’ve been to, and I just needed to spread my wings (cringe) and experience something and somewhere new.

We stayed in a cute little apartment in the north of Milan (my sister Georgie, our friend Jenny and me) and did the usual touristy stuff. I loved seeing the Duomo – the outside, inside and roof were all incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a cathedral that impressive before – and I’ve been to A LOT of cathedrals.

I also really enjoyed hiring bikes and exploring the city; in Milan they have ‘BikeMi’ which is just like Barclay bikes in London or ‘Velib’ in Paris. The handlebars are super low and my saddle was wobbly but overall it was very cool. Over the 3 days we ate too much pizza and ice cream and despite my illnesses (I swear I get sick every time I go away, anywhere) I had a lovely little trip with the girlies. Finally, the weather was perfect for the whole weekend. And I love Italy.

G and Jenny left on Monday evening and my coach to Zurich wasn’t until Tuesday morning so I walked for almost an hour to get to my hostel which was a but nearer the Lampagnuno bus station. I stayed in Lumiere Hostel and it was so much nicer than I expected considering it was the cheapest I could find in Milan. I had my last true Italian pizza for dinner and went to bed. I walked for about 40 minutes the next morning, ready to board my coach. The coach was nowhere to be seen until 10:05 (it should’ve been there at 9:30). I took my customary back seats and fell asleep. I woke up twice; firstly when we drove through lake Como. It was so so beautiful, even though it was cloudy and grey outside. Secondly, to go through border control and have some very scary looking police check my passport.

Next stop, Zurich!

Mary, bacio

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