Travel Thursdays

Au Pairing in Paris

Most Thursdays I don’t technically start work until 5:15pm so I have most of the day to explore. My inventive name of  ‘Travel Thursdays’ is to motivate me to see some places outside of Paris each Thursday. Last week I ventured off to Saint Germain en Laye. I didn’t really have a real reason to go but had heard a few people mention it so thought ‘why the heeeelll not?’.

IMG_3794 It took me over an hour because train delays follow me wherever I go but I think it should’ve taken about 25 minutes. There’s loads of history regarding the town; James II, Henry IV and Napoleon had some lols there but I’m not guna bore you with facts. Wikipedia will tell you all you need to know!

IMG_3799 IMG_3805 IMG_3770 IMG_3755 IMG_3812The gardens were really pretty and the shops in the centre of town were crazy expensive. I’d definitely go back if I was rich or if it was rrreeeaaallly sunny and I wanted a picnic with some fab scenery.



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