Techno techno technoooo (+ some crazy french teenagers) – 13th September 2014

Au Pairing in Paris

IMG_3513On Saturday Judit, Alex and I ventured into the new world of techno. I’m not a massive fan but the Techno Parade is one of Paris’ biggest music events of the year so we decided to go along. We were (fashionably) late so rocked up at Nation metro station 2 and half hours after the parade had actually started; I trusted that we’d find some hyped up teenagers who knew where they were going so we could follow and find the floats. After a few french guys asking which direction to go we realised none of us really had a clue. Luckily, after a few minutes a crowd began to gather and everyone confidently walked in the same direction.

Thousands of us walked and eventually reached the parade; to say the majority of the crowd were excitable teenagers is a bit of an understatement. Unlike Notting Hill (which is the closest comparison I can think of), there were very few adults or even 20 somethings so we did feel a bit like the boring ones at the party.


Also, french teenagers are crazy. Like full on swinging on lamp posts about 4 stories high with one arm. So casual. Some idiot decided to throw a bag of dry cement off the top of a building, filling the whole street with dust that meant you couldn’t see or breathe, cool.. IMG_3510


Apart from the ridiculous crowds and drunk kids it was actually pretty cool. The music wasn’t too TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO and I’m never one to pass up the opportunity for a dance with some strangers.

IMG_3527We spent the rest of the day chilling by the river, eating crepes by the Notre Dame and cocktails and dancing with the girls.


Mary x

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