Swimming, swaying and generally being lazy – France 19th – 22nd June 2014

Most of the team have Thursdays off work so Georgie, Zoe and I walked to the beach after G and I had bought cakes and bread from the bakery that morning. It was so so so hot and the walk to Le Palmyre was so long and I got a blister from G’s flip flops. I now have two injured feet. I was over sunbathing (and was looking unnaturally brown) so walked around the beach and dug holes in the sand; I got in the hole and buried my feet meaning I could do a Michael Jackson lean without falling over, result. I got lots of funny looks but decided to dig a new hole for Zoe; we both stood in our holes and swayed. Such a productive day. We were back at the resort for dinner and attempted to watch the England match at the restaurant at Les Charmettes; Georgie and I shared a chicken pizza and carbonara; the food definitely lived up to the high expectations everyone had set even if England’s performance wasn’t so impressive. 
I was ready for a bit of light entertainment on Friday morning so attended Aquagym (wahoo!) taught by Georgie. It was actually a really good class even if I was pretty much the only one there under 50 and Georgie used a Pitbull megamix. I chilled by the pool for most of the day and went to play water polo with Fabio (sports entertainer) in the afternoon. My team was mainly Irish and we put up a solid fight but think we lost 4-3 after almost an hour of playing, I think I spent a bit too much of the game just circling the goal looking busy. A 9 year old Irish girl called Vanessa from my team made me her friend of the day and decided it would be fun to show me how she could do handstands in the water about 30 times in a row. Claremont and I just sat and chatted while she went over and over with her feet up in the air; I think she was getting a bit fed up of spending her day with her 3 brothers! We went for another meal at Aaron’s house but on the way I noticed a baby bird we’d seen an hour earlier was still chilling on the floor, looking like it had fallen out of it’s nest. I know it was probably the wrong thing to do but I picked it up and took it along with me; it was so tiny and couldn’t fly yet so I gave it some water to drink but we had nothing to feed to it. I took the bird back to where I’d found it hoping it’s mum would see it and feed it but both times I walked past later on it was half way across the road, about to get squashed by a car. I moved it to the side both times but then didn’t see it again. Either it was helped by another bird or there’s a really happy cat nearby that had a great lunch…
Everyone had been going on about the show that evening; Georgie and the rest of her team would be performing at 9:30 even though the France game was at 9pm so they knew not many people would be watching. G was insisting that I wasn’t allowed to come and watch but I obviously had intentions of sneaking in anyway. At 9pm I put my head down to sleep for 5 minutes as I was feeling a bit sick; I woke up at 10:45 so annoyed with myself! I’d missed the show but it was probably for the best as I felt like death, 3 days of constant sun had made me feel ill 😦
On my last day in Les Charmettes I still felt sick so stayed in and did what everyone should do by default when ill; watched Frozen. I managed to get some energy to leave the house in the evening for the  ‘music festival’ outside the theatre. There was a band singing covers for over 3 hours with Aaron sometimes joining them for a few songs; Aaron is a great singer so I was so happy I’d come to see him perform after 2 failed promises. Georgie introduced me to Carole and Graham, an english couple who own a mobile home on the site and have been acting as Georgie’s adoptive parents for the past few months. They were both so lovely and we all chatted about travelling and how mad french people can be. I got back home at 1am ish, packed my bags, said goodbye to Zoe and went to sleep.
As I write this I’m on the train from Royan to Paris to meet Callum! I’m so happy I bit the bullet and paid a few euros more for a train instead of a coach as I’ve saved 5 hours and have actually managed to get comfy. After a an hour I was told I was in the wrong seat but I once again did my best ‘lost and foreign teenager’ look and didn’t have to move 10 carriages along, thank God. Thank you to Georgie for being the bestest host ever 😀 She put up with me and my mess and fed me chocolate and biscuits so obviously I’m very grateful. Not seeing your sister for 5 months is very strange so it was fab to see her again and enjoy a few days together 😀
I have 4 more days in France and then I’ll be hopping on the coach back to the UK! 
Mary x

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