Won’t you take me to MONKEY TOWN


So, I’m tempted to post my bucket list on here. It mentions monkeys at least 3 times so you can imagine my excitement at finding out there’s a place called Monkey Town 40km from where we live. I’d hired a car for a week so I dragged my less than enthusiastic boyfriend to Somerset West, the drive was relatively easy and we arrived in less than an hour.  I’d already read on trip advisor that  the facilities were pretty crap and when we arrived to no lights in the toilets our doubts were quickly confirmed. The taps didn’t work either and when I looked out the window I was greeted by a rat sitting casually on the windowsill, lovely.


We payed the equivalent of about £6 each which granted us entrance to the whole monkey park, a guided tour and 20 mins of playing with squirrel monkeys! As it’s a sanctuary and not a zoo all the animals had been rescued from zoos, circus’ or were previously pets. The monkeys all had loads of space to swing around and ultimately we were caged and they were free, which was great but did mean you had to avoid being pooped on when walking around. I loved seeing and learning about the different types of monkey and one capuchin monkey seemed to love us back equally and stopped to rub it’s nipples while it stared at Callum, as it frothed at the mouth we decided to move on


After our tour we were taken into the squirrel monkey and lemur section. The squirrel monkeys were all so small, cute and friendly jumped onto our shoulders in return for grapes and squished apples. The lemurs were hilarious as they were a bit more reserved; they just sat back and watched us all get over excited when a baby monkey wanted any contact with us and would grab grapes from our hands and run off. I think I want a pet lemur, I’d name him King Julian for sure.
As well as monkeys and apes we saw goats, cockatoos, rabbits, chickens, meerkats, cats and parrots. Basically, they had a whole loads of random rescued animals which was fab. I have a small obsession with goats so stood and stroked one for an unnecessary amount of time before Callum dragged me away. We had a picnic after all the excitement of animals and played on their weird choice of play things (jet skis and trucks…). Monkey Town was wicked and I definitely recommend it to anyone staying in Cape Town, it’s aimed at children and families but I’m 19 and had one of the best days ever. WOO MONKEYS.
Mary x


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