Belated Goodbye Africa


After a very inconsistent blog (wordpress would sometimes just decide I wasn’t allowed to log in from Namibia!) I’m finally writing a new post to bring everything up to date!
So, my African adventure finished this August when Fran and I returned from Namibia as our year of volunteering with Project Trust was over. Even though this was a few months ago I still think about Otjikondo everyday and wish there was a way I could be back with all the children and friends we made there. I kept a diary whilst there and hope to one day publish parts throughout my blog but I honestly don’t have the emotional energy to do that yet…
That part of my life is now well and truly over 😦 and this weird in-between section is happening at the moment. My life seems a bit purposeless (how depressing) but I’m having fun and I keep reminding myself that I have to wait (and save some money) in order to begin the next journey 🙂 Since being back in England I have visited friends in Leeds, Brighton, London and Nottingham and have some more unis to stop off at soon to have a well deserved catch up with friends. I’ve done a few talks for Project Trust at secondary schools and careers fairs, encouraging teenagers to do as I did and sign up for a year of volunteering overseas. I’ve spent time with lots of family members and family friends. I’ve spent a lot of time in South London with my boyfriend. I’ve got a part time job in a bag shop in my town.. It’s not exactly the most exciting job in the world but I get to chat to lots of people about to go travelling or on holiday, which is pretty nice 🙂 I’ve also got back into photography after my camera broke in Namibia so I treated myself to a new canon 700d a few weeks ago, it’s amazing i loooove it 😀 I’ve been doing some photography jobs. I’ve been teaching dance a drama occasionally. And I’ve been CHILLING. 
My next adventure will definitely be to AFRICA (South Africa, Cape Town to be specific..) because I love it there and feel like there’s loads to explore there and why not do it now (well, early next year)?! I’m going to be pursuing my photography a little bit more and will at some point take a 30 hour coach journey to Otjikondo to go and see my little chummies in Namibia! I’m so excited aaaaah.
Anyway, that’s all for now 🙂 I’ll be writing about my lead up to the next step in my journey very soon!
Love, Mary x

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