April/May holidays – Victoria Falls


Firstly, I know I’m awful at updating my blog. WordPress has somehow logged me out and won’t let me log back in so right now I’m using my iPhone which my mum bought out with her on her visit to quickly write about our trip to Victoria Falls. Woo!
So my mum and my friend Charlie came to Namibia to visit Otjikondo and then to travel, whilst at our school they helped to entertain the kids, write thank you cards to sponsors and even helped me and Fran clean our specified rooms for the dreaded end of term cleaning days! It was very strange seeing my mum for the first time in 8 months, I felt like I was back at home and I loved introducing her to all the kids. On Friday 19th April we left otjikondo to get a bus all the way to Livingstone. Sadly Fran didn’t have a yellow fever jab so couldn’t join us but she went to Cape Town where me and mum will meet her tomorrow 🙂 being away from Fran has been very strange and I miss her even though we’ve been apart for only a few days.
Arriving in Livingstone was like stepping into a different world; it’s a lot busier than Namibia and the small villages we passed on the way showed little mud huts with grass roofs (p.s. this is actually quite strange to see in Africa…). We stayed in Fawlty Towers hostel which was nice.
On our first day after swimming we took the bus to Victoria Falls which is one of the 7 seven natural wonders of the world. As soon as you arrive you can the mist which the waterfalls produce, we walked around looking at the amazing waterfalls which drop for 111 metres. After taking countless photos we took a walk across knife edge bridge which got you SOAKING wet. We then crossed the border of Zambia to step into Zimbabwe; everyone stood there saying ‘Zim Zam Zim Zam!’. We watched people doing the bungee jump from the bridge and even saw one woman do it topless(?!). Later on we crossed the falls to swim in the river that falls into the main waterfall, standing that high up over the drop was amazing but a bit scary at the same time. The water was great and the fish even nibbled your toes, nice.
Shopping in the markets was chaos as everyone wants to sell you something. We ended up swapping our unwanted items like pens and earrings for necklaces and wood carvings. There are so many things to do in Livingstone, it took us ages to decide what to do. Me and Charlie ended up doing half a day of adrenaline activities with some German guys that we’d met at the hostel. We were taken to a huge gorge and we began with abseiling down it, we then walked up the gorge and did a a few superman zip wires. Lastly we did a tandem gorge swing. This is similar to a bungee jump but instead of bouncing back up again you swing through the gorge. Charlie and I were harnessed together and had to stand with our backs to the gorge before leaning back and free falling 50 metres through the air. It was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done! We both agreed that it was scarier than a skydive and a bungee jump.
We spent some more time with the German guys that evening as we cooked dinner together then went with some locals to a small bar. We danced to live Zambian music and listened to our friend Doc sing with the band.

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