From London to Windhoek – 28th-30th August 2012


I’m currently sitting by a pool in 30 degrees weather after going shopping and exploring Windhoek, I love Namibia! Don’t worry, I won’t be relaxing this much all year. We’ve got a few days in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, before we’re taken to our projects to start our volunteering.

The journey from Heathrow to here has been so long and tiring, I left home at 1:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday 28thafter some goodbyes. Nev, Nell and Rhiana came round as my last visitors for a final goodbye 😦 It was a mad rush to leave home after they’d left, it hadn’t kicked in that I was actually leaving FOR A WHOLE YEAR. It probably wasn’t the greatest idea to see my friends an hour before I was going when I hadn’t packed properly but oh well. Sad to see the awesome foursome leave,  actually can’t wait to party again with them when I’m back! I said an emotional goodbye to Peachy but she didn’t seem to care 😦 BYE WELWYN GARDEN!

I met Becky (another Namibia volunteer) at the airport and checked in. Georgie bought Tim to the airport which was a nice surprise! The other 6 Namibia volunteers came and we said our goodbyes to our parents. I didn’t cry
but I think thats because I still feel like I’m just going on holiday and will be back in a few weeks..

Had a giraffe meal at the airport as our ‘last proper meal’. The plane was alright, 11 hours sitting in the same position is never fun though. We watched This Means War, How I Met your Mother and the The Big Bang Theory, shame they didn’t have Friends :/ I opened my card and presents from Georgie, thank you for the percy pigs, bracelets and ring! Feeling very grateful for all my cards and presents from everyone 🙂 Ate some percy pigs on the plane because the pane food was disgusting. I started reading The Secret (recommended by Julia, cheeeers beb!) and its making me feel all philosophical ha. The flight attendants were so funny, loud and in your face. We landed in Johannesburg at 7am, we were loving the shops there. Out of Africa was a shop full of massive animal sculpture things and loads of African tourist stuff. I watched the Lion King on my laptop (feeling very African!) before we boarded the next flight to Windhoek.

The first drama came when I realised I’d left my passport and boarding passes on the plane. And we were sitting in the airport a few hundred meters away. I sprinted through the airfield and luckily the cleaners hadn’t thrown it away. The next drama was getting through immigration which the previous years volunteers had trouble with, but somehow me and Fran got through fine 🙂

We got to the Cardboard Box at 4ish, it’s definitely the nicest hostel I’ve ever been to. It has a pool, bar, kitchen, everything! Me, Fran and Becky ended up making friends with some Namibian DJ’s and went to the Fashion Bar to party Namibian style. If you’re from St Albans just imagine the cocktail room in Batchwood but bigger and with more African music ;D Some guys tried to teach me how to dance to African house music, ha it felt like Alter Ego days all over again. 2 guys asked me ‘why are your friends so white?!’ ahh the minor racism has already started. No one believes me that I’m from England, someone asked if i was Herero which is a tribe in Namibia, loving that I’m just fitting in with the locals whereas everyone else is getting looks.

On the Thursday (today) we went for a swim in the hostel pool then me and Fran went to a shopping mall on the other side of Windhoek with our new Namibian friends chip and gun. Had our second Mugg and Bean meal and bought some sunglasses, woo woo. Went out in the evening with our country rep, Robert. Went to Joes Beers, probably the best restaurant in the world. It was so pretty and reminded me of the Idiana Jones ride at Disneyland, random but it was pretty cool. Some people ordered zebra steak but I wasn’t hungry 😦 Hopefully me and Fran and maybe the others will go out to the karaoke tonight 🙂 Don’t worry, the holiday stops tomorrow. We’ll be traveling to Otjikondo to start our teaching at the primary school. So goodbye  parties, pools and shopping and hey to lesson planning and whining kids. bye for now! missing everyone at home
lots of love, Mary


One thought on “From London to Windhoek – 28th-30th August 2012

  1. Fantastic start! You might know me as Chantal’s mum. I also blog ( so I was very taken to see that you are recording your experience and work in Namibia.
    I will be popping by to carry on following you during your amazing time in this beautiful country.
    I pray that you stay safe and that you enjoy all of it.

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