Hey Namibia


I’ve arrived! This is my first blog post from Namibia! just wanted to let everybody in England know that I’m alive 🙂 After a crazy long 11 hour flight to Johannesburg and then another 2 hour flight to Windhoek, me and the other PT volunteers have arrived in Namibia 🙂 We’ve already had a few dramas (mainly me) but we’re all here at the cardboard box (hostel in Windhoek) playing cards and getting to know the locals 🙂 I will do a proper update tomorrow of everything but for now we’re loving life in Namibs! Me and Fran are leaving for Otjikondo on Friday woo woo.
Not missing England yet 😀
love to everyone xxx

One thought on “Hey Namibia

  1. Hi Dear Mary, Great to hear you’ve arrived OK (?!) Please stop having “dramas” just have fun. Great to hear your news so keep up the posts. Love and hugs from Vienna and let me know if you want any German magazines/books etc. Kisses Marcia

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