The Countdown Begins


Hello followers/ friends/ family!

As I’m no longer at school and have finished working for the summer I seem to have a lot of spare time on my hands. Even though I have a million and one things I should be doing, I’ve decided I will write a new post of my preparations for the next few weeks before I move to Namibia!

The countdown to my departure started as soon as i received my letter from Project Trust on new years eve last year but I didn’t know the actual date I was leaving until last week (28th August by the way!). I now know I have just over 6 weeks until I leave Hertfordshire for Otjikondo in North Namibia. And there is so much to do before then!

Firstly I am still fundraising. Yes, it feels like I have been forever but I am getting closer and closer to my target and have managed to raise around £3500 so far whilst taking my A Levels, working, practically moving house and trying to stay sane and have a bit of a social life. But this means I have another £1500 to raise before the end of August. I have a bag packing day at St Albans Morrisons on the 25th August where I hope to raise a considerable amount of money as most people find them to be very successful. I will also hopefully be holding a small leaving/birthday party  where people can donate and have the chance to buy clothes/shoes/jewellery/electronics which I won’t need in Namibia (bye GHD’s!). Plus the nice weather means more car boot sales 🙂 which I find pretty fun as it gives you a chance to talk to people about your upcoming year whilst also getting rid of stuff you never use. So although my parents may be stressing out about me meeting my fundraising target but I am confident that I can raise the money over the next 6 weeks.

Shopping is maybe my favourite hobby so stocking up on clothes for the next year is quite exciting! My friend Nev has already accompanied me shopping to buy ‘sensible clothes’ for teaching. (If you know me then you’ll know that I don’t own ANY sensible shoes or clothes, ooops). She also bought me an amazing playsuit which I will definitely be wearing on my Christmas holidays around Africa. I still need to buy a bumbag/money belt, a large rucksack, a basic phone (bye iPhone!) and some trainers.. So if you have any of these laying around which you’d wish to donate to me, let me know!

Other boring things I need to do before I go include relearning my basic German. Reiner Stommel, one of our hosts at Otjikondo I have learnt from reading previous volunteers blogs will only talk to you in German. As I used to be almost fluent in German when I was younger this shouldn’t be too hard me to do.. Yet so far I can only remember numbers, colours and foods. Hopefully I will get better in the next 6 weeks as I want to make a good first impression.

Hmm I still need my yellow fever jab which I’ll need to travel to certain parts of Africa.

I need to plan the main ideas for lessons at the school. So thinking of what we’ll be teaching the children in Art, Music, PE and the extra English, Dance and craft lessons. My partner Fran and I need to cater to all ages in the school which I know is going to be really difficult. (There’s loads more academic things we need to plan but I’m trying to avoid it at the moment as I know it will be hard!)

I’m sure there’s a lot more things I need to buy/plan/do but I think this is enough to keep me going for now! Thanks for reading. Remember you can still donate!
Bye for now

Mary x

5 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins

      1. hi Mary YES its me Avihe from otjikondo… and i am very pleased that i am able to keep contact with you i really miss you so much high school is kind of FUN but yes obviously theres lots of work i hope you reply soon mwaah from Avihe Kalipondoka From otjikondo….

  1. oh my hey my darling! i miss you so so so much!
    are you fully recovered from your accident now? whats your favourite thing about high school? i hope you’re still working hard and making everyone around you smile 🙂
    i’m living in Paris now, it’s beautiful but not as beautiful as Namibia. lots of love, Mary x

    1. hi mary

      atlast i can still keep contact with you its so so wonderful!!!!!!!! i really recovered and i can even run they will be taking the metal out in 2016 with the will of God and i pray so hard that God wil be with me now i am in the top tens of the class i am the 4th out of 189 kids and i love it i hope God will keep me there….

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